Monday, February 5, 2018

Selections Entertainment LLC - Premiere Event Planning and Wedding Planning in North Carolina: Don't Give Up!

Selections Entertainment LLC - Premiere Event Planning and Wedding Planning in North Carolina: Don't Give Up!: With many businesses closing small and big, the fight to keep a business open is very challenging in 2018! The big businesses are shutting d...

Don't Give Up!

With many businesses closing small and big, the fight to keep a business open is very challenging in 2018! The big businesses are shutting down such as Sam's Club and Toys R US, so imagine what the small business owners are going through! I write this blog today to the small business owners to say don't give up! I know as you are reading this you are saying "easier said than done" but i'm a living witness that you have to keep going! Selections Entertainment is in year 9 and there are many days I want to give up but I say to myself "look how far you have came, what you have accomplished and how you have helped others. Take your business day by day, challenge yourself, ask yourself what you can do different, and how can you meet  and network with different people to build working relationships and build clientele. Also work on supporting other businesses!.

The struggle is real but pray, have faith, and believe, you will get through the rough patches. I don't know about you but I don't have a plan B. Always working on plan A! If it's your gift and passion, you won't have a plan B !

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Budget Wisely!

Many brides are overwhelmed when they are planning a wedding. Many couples have estimated budgets for their special day but many don't plan a realistic budget. The best way to establish a realistic budget is to have a budget in each category. Hire a professional wedding planner to help you with your budget. A planner will let a couple know what is the average cost of a vendor in each category. People are very surprise how much a caterer, florist, or photographer cost in their area. The guessing game of expenses will cause a couple to overspend and become overwhelmed. A planner can also help you with saving money on do's and don't's. Their professional vendor list will help you plan your special day!

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Don't Rush The Process!

Once thanksgiving comes around the corner, engagement season starts! What happens next? You see a ton of wedding planners, photographers and other wedding business owners flooding your emails and timelines with promotions of discounts for their services. They are lurking social media watching to see who got engaged. They are like vultures! Brides are overwhelm with the questions of did you set a date, what are your colors, do you have a planner? The list goes on and on!

Engaged couples, please take the moment to enjoy the engagement process! Yes you will get a lot of wedding vendors who will contact you but enjoy the moment and take it all in! Many people don't enjoy the engagement process and they rush with planning and get overwhelmed! Wedding vendors let engaged couples enjoy the moment and take your time with promotions and pushing your services. A a business owner I understand you want to get a head start with promoting your business but it can get overwhelming looking on the other side as a bride or groom.

Happy Holidays & Enjoy the moment!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Are You Ready For Wedding Season?

Wedding season is fast approaching! Wether you are a bride, planner or business owner in the industry, the season is coming! Are you prepared? For brides after your proposal things can become overwhelming. You are figuring out a wedding date and you have tons of people congratulating you! Before you start planning, enjoy the moment and take it all in! Spend quality time with your fiance! Business owners take this time to get your business in order before the consultations start. Do you have proper staffing, updated inventory, updated website, and contents such as pricing, email address, and phone numbers? Don't wait until the season gets busy to put all those tasks in order.

Selections Entertainment is here for you for wedding planning/coordination, rentals, catering and bartending. We don't like to pressure brides with all the big marketing techniques as soon as they get engaged. The best time to find a planner is after the smoke has cleared and you have time to become organized and get your ideas together. It's great to get a planner at the initial start so they can help you with colors, decor and vendor selections. Most planners have built great relationships with wedding vendors so a planner can make your life so much easier to match you with vendors that's within your budget. Planners also help you with timeline management. Many brides don't know the proper time frame to book their dj, baker or caterer.

We are here for you! Happy wedding season 2017!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Holiday! What's New For SE In 2017?

Can you believe Selections Entertainment is entering their 8th year of business in 2017? Wow time goes by very fast! We truly want to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart for the continued support, without you we wouldn't still be in business. Thank you for all the events you have supported, open heart giving program, lunch fundraisers, and all 5 of our services throughout the years!

What can you expect in 2017? We all know in order for you to grow you have to help others and work with others. Selections Entertainment will be focusing on collaborating more with professional businesses and also assisting with giving back to the homeless and families in need. We are also working on other collabortions to help unite small businesses and help people who inspire to start their own business. Of coarse our wonderful services of wedding planning, event planning, catering, rentals and bartending are still available! See you in 2017!