Monday, May 30, 2011

How Important Is The Word Support?

In our everyday lives we use the word support for many reasons. We encourage and support ourselves and others.  In today's society technology has taken over with twitter, myspace and facebook and many people hide behind that wonderful computer screen for marketing purposes for their business or personal use.  Eventhough in society we shouldn't look for someone's approval but support really runs a long way.  Are the majority of people really there and supporting you or are they just putting together a bunch of words on social media websites to make you sound or look good and deep down inside they are not really happy for you?  There are so many so called businesses on these sites.  Please take the time to get to know someone when conducting business and creating ideas together.  There's a difference when meeting so called business owners on the web and meeting them in person. Also get to know current business owners.  Just because they are in business doesn't mean they are professional.

If someone REALLY wants to support you they will support you:FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, & PHYSICALLY(Coming to events, etc...)


  1. This is so true Michelle....some people really do hide behind social media to portray themselves in a light that is different from who & what they really are. But, no matter how much people pretend you cannot hide the is VERY important and goes both ways. What's most important is that once you uncover the truth (good or bad) believe them and respond accordingly. I always support and will continue to do so as I believe its the right thing to do!!

  2. Thanks for the support, we all need it, thanks for visiting the blog!