Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prep Before Your Consultation!

Everyone knows before a potential client speaks to a planner that they are excited and anxious to get things going with planning a wedding, party or event.  There are so many ideas, concepts, and concerns all over the place! Sometimes the planner is overwhelmed with the many questions at one time and the client can be overwhelmed at not knowing where to start.  Here are some tips for wedding/event planners and clients before a consultation:

For Planner:
  • Advise your potential clients on things they need before the consultation such as colors, ideas and concepts
  • Analyze your client to see if they are better off with a phone or face to face consultation. Check out what fits their personality
  • Prepare your potential client of how long consultation is going to be. 30 mins, 45 or an hour
  • We advise our potential clients to be ready but we also need to be prepared. Prepare with your pen/pencil, pad or if you have a planner notebook for your clients 
  • Ask a few questions about the wedding, event, or party so you can be prepared and have notes written down about the event and a few ideas
For Client
  • The world was not built in one day and we all know that your event, wedding or party is not going to be planned in one day. Prepare to have the major details for your event for your consultation, this saves alot of time!
  • Major details consist of: Date, Time, Color Scheme, Ideas for Venue, Catering, How many people you are expecting/inviting
  • Know your budget! It's good to have ideas and dreams for your special day but before you contact a planner have an estimate or realistic budget! Everything can't get paid by a wish!
  • Check out planners website and see what they offer and learn their business
I hope these tips help you plan accordingly! Remember plan before the consultation!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Business Spotlight: Skinny Body Care! Check Them Out!

Selections Entertainment has the pleasure of introducing: Skin Body Care! We are honored to spotlight this business! Distributor Veronica Sanders takes pride in her business. She promotes a popular product call: Skinny Fiber which is a all natural enzyme fiber supplement that is diabetic friendly and no side effects. The main areas this product works on is to flatten the stomach and gives you energy!

  Mrs. Sanders states: "I'm sure your brides would love to have a product such as this to help boost their weight loss in order to fit into their one of a kind dresses on their special day". Ladies get ready for that special day!

To learn more about Skin Body Care please contact Mrs. Sanders at:
Veronica Sanders

Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Hire a Wedding or Event Planner?

People in the wedding and event industry have heard that famous question many times before: Why do i need a wedding or event planner?  If you are a planner you should be able to deal with that question very well, we here it all the time but always have to be prepared for our answer!  If you are a possible client or a new planner and not sure how to answer this question, here are some tips on why you need a planner:

  • Remember, you can't do everything! Your mind and body is not designed to do everything when planning a wedding, event or party. Trying to remember every detail at one time is just not going to work!
  • A planner will help and assist you with organization. Are you going to consistently remember to order the cake, get the decorations, put down deposits, pay balances, follow up on vendors etc...
  • If you think you are saving money because aunt Sarah can help you plan it, you are dead wrong! Hiring a close friend or family member are the worst mistakes people can do when planning an event or wedding!  They may be able to help and assist but plenty of times they will get in the way!
  • Many planners have built great relationships with vendors! Let the planner do all the work with finding photographers, florist, baker,& venue
Last but not least choose your planner wisely! Check out their website, view pictures and testimonial statements from past clients, contact them for a free consultation!