Monday, October 31, 2011

October was a great month! Recap on 3rd Annual Dessert Tasting!

Oct 1, 2011 changed many people lives with wonderful and great desserts! Selections Entertainment did it again with a wonderful event. 12 vendors with unlimited desserts, coffee, wine, and also how to burn those calories.  The venue set up was awesome!  Gallery C is set in the great downtown area of Raleigh, NC. The nice venue with great art set the tone for this specific event!

You name the dessert and it was there! Cake balls, cake, strawberries & choc, cupcakes, cookies and many more! Thanks to the wonderful vendors:

Selections Entertainment
Sensational Delights
Fabulous Transformations
Ganova Coffee
Simply Irressistable
Divine Parties & Desserts
Loretta's Sweets
Cakes Unlimited By Benisha
Ace Custom Cakes & Desserts
DeeLicious Designs Bakery
Mia's Cakes

Special thanks to Kingdom Music group for supporting this event and they were the business that was selected by Selections Entertainment for ticket sales proceeds to go to their business.

Many Baking vendors wanted to participate in this event but waited until the last minute to sign up! Please get a head start next year! The 4th annual will be bigger and better! See you next year,spread the word to friends, family and business owners. Check out pictures from this great event! Stay updated on our events:

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Small Task Mean Alot!

Hello future brides! I'm sure whether you have a planner or not, there are many task to do and plan!  Sometimes the smallest and tedious task get overlooked but they mean alot for yourself and guest attending your wedding.  The wedding party looks at their task and say: I can get it done later, and what happens? They forget or they rush and do it at the last minute and sometimes the task is not done correctly. Here are a few task that are overlooked or completed at the last minute:

Wedding Invitations- Sometimes the wedding party doesn't send them out on time
Wedding Favors- deciding at the last minute of your wedding favor selection and putting together
Thank You Cards- Some wedding parties take forever to send out cards or never send them out! Not a good thing to do! Be thankful and bless people took the time to come to your wedding and give you a gift!
Table Seating-This task ties into being consistent and having a deadline for your guest to return invitation so you can comfortably seat people in the right area

I hope you enjoy these tips and remember the small task means alot!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Don't Forget The Fall & Winter Weddings!

As we enter the fall and winter months, people are still planning weddings! We are saying goodbye to the spring and summer months where wedding dates are very popular and busy! Sometimes people don't realize the fall and winter months are great months to plan a wedding! Thinking about planning a wedding in the fall or winter here are some great reasons why:

  • Most Venues are cheaper in those two seasons
  • Exciting holiday themes such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas can be  incorporated with your wedding
  • Easier for family to get together around the holidays
  • If you can't stand the heat of the summer months, fall and winter weather is perfect for you
  • Enjoy the warm colors for wedding themes such as brown, red, creme, and orange
Book Selections Entertainment today to help with your planning needs!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prep Before Your Consultation!

Everyone knows before a potential client speaks to a planner that they are excited and anxious to get things going with planning a wedding, party or event.  There are so many ideas, concepts, and concerns all over the place! Sometimes the planner is overwhelmed with the many questions at one time and the client can be overwhelmed at not knowing where to start.  Here are some tips for wedding/event planners and clients before a consultation:

For Planner:
  • Advise your potential clients on things they need before the consultation such as colors, ideas and concepts
  • Analyze your client to see if they are better off with a phone or face to face consultation. Check out what fits their personality
  • Prepare your potential client of how long consultation is going to be. 30 mins, 45 or an hour
  • We advise our potential clients to be ready but we also need to be prepared. Prepare with your pen/pencil, pad or if you have a planner notebook for your clients 
  • Ask a few questions about the wedding, event, or party so you can be prepared and have notes written down about the event and a few ideas
For Client
  • The world was not built in one day and we all know that your event, wedding or party is not going to be planned in one day. Prepare to have the major details for your event for your consultation, this saves alot of time!
  • Major details consist of: Date, Time, Color Scheme, Ideas for Venue, Catering, How many people you are expecting/inviting
  • Know your budget! It's good to have ideas and dreams for your special day but before you contact a planner have an estimate or realistic budget! Everything can't get paid by a wish!
  • Check out planners website and see what they offer and learn their business
I hope these tips help you plan accordingly! Remember plan before the consultation!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Business Spotlight: Skinny Body Care! Check Them Out!

Selections Entertainment has the pleasure of introducing: Skin Body Care! We are honored to spotlight this business! Distributor Veronica Sanders takes pride in her business. She promotes a popular product call: Skinny Fiber which is a all natural enzyme fiber supplement that is diabetic friendly and no side effects. The main areas this product works on is to flatten the stomach and gives you energy!

  Mrs. Sanders states: "I'm sure your brides would love to have a product such as this to help boost their weight loss in order to fit into their one of a kind dresses on their special day". Ladies get ready for that special day!

To learn more about Skin Body Care please contact Mrs. Sanders at:
Veronica Sanders

Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Hire a Wedding or Event Planner?

People in the wedding and event industry have heard that famous question many times before: Why do i need a wedding or event planner?  If you are a planner you should be able to deal with that question very well, we here it all the time but always have to be prepared for our answer!  If you are a possible client or a new planner and not sure how to answer this question, here are some tips on why you need a planner:

  • Remember, you can't do everything! Your mind and body is not designed to do everything when planning a wedding, event or party. Trying to remember every detail at one time is just not going to work!
  • A planner will help and assist you with organization. Are you going to consistently remember to order the cake, get the decorations, put down deposits, pay balances, follow up on vendors etc...
  • If you think you are saving money because aunt Sarah can help you plan it, you are dead wrong! Hiring a close friend or family member are the worst mistakes people can do when planning an event or wedding!  They may be able to help and assist but plenty of times they will get in the way!
  • Many planners have built great relationships with vendors! Let the planner do all the work with finding photographers, florist, baker,& venue
Last but not least choose your planner wisely! Check out their website, view pictures and testimonial statements from past clients, contact them for a free consultation!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3rd Annual "Desire Desserts" Dessert Tasting, Try Something Different!

We all know Selections Entertainment is known for their step out the box events! It is our honor to conduct our 3rd annual "Desire Desserts" Dessert Tasting Oct 1 from 6-9pm at the lovely Gallery C Art gallery downtown Raleigh!  I'm sure many of you have been to food tastings, wine tastings and many other different types of tastings but this one is dedicated to all the dessert lovers, & future brides looking for a dessert vendor.  This year we are also opening up our categories for businesses in the coffee, & wine industry.  So come on out on this great day to taste many selections.  Remember this event is unlimited desserts for only 8.00 in advance and or 10.00 at the door! Tickets will go on sale soon!

Why come to this event? Help for the cause! Selections Entertainment is also helping Kingdom Music Group! Support this positive group with great positive music.  Ticket sales proceeds will go to this group to help continue the dream!

For vendor information or tickets please visit our website at: or email us at

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Advertising & Marketing: Remember You Still Need A Website!

Selections Entertainment specializes in many areas when it comes to planning but we also specialize in advertising.  We all know social media has taken over tremendously but business owners, please don't forget or ignore your websiteThe following situations occur in today's society:

1. People start a business and feel they don't need a website.  They go straight to a social media website to create a page or group and feel that is their website.
2. Business owners create a website but don't monitor or keep website updated.
3. When marketing and advertising a business, some business owners get so caught up with social media they don't list their website on their business card or when conducting interviews or speaking they don't mention their website or give out the website information.

*Remember websites represents your business and gives a first impression of who you are and how your business is conducted.  You are not limited on your website to explain your services, show pictures,prices, and testimonies Eventhough social media is popular, there are still people who don't visit certain social media websites and would prefer to see a personal website.  Websites also show professionalism and the hard work you put into your business.
It is also important to update your website.  You took the time and money to create it, then you should take the time to update it.  A potential client does not want to see out dated information or pictures.  People will wonder are they still in business or they are not taking the time and effort to market and advertise their business.  Why should they spend their money on you.  Impression is everything!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Less Is Better! Plan Accordingly

We all know the trials & tribulations of the economy but we still have to have a social life right? People are still getting married right? Budgeting is always a number one factor. Less is better when you plan the right way! Are you getting married and have decided you don't want to invite the whole town? Do you want cupcakes instead of a 3 layer cake? Do you want finger food instead of a sit down dinner.  We all know extravagant weddings, parties, and events are nice but sometimes less is better.  Less doesn't mean cheap. The right budget, decor, venue, and food can still bring out a great wedding, event or party! Below are food choices for a great buffet style wedding, event or party.

Jerk Chicken

Garlic String Beans

Dill Dip

Cocktail Shrimp

Pasta Salad

Smoke Salmon

Less Decor at a reasonable price also brings out an occasion, remember less is better!

Let Selections Entertainment help you with your event planning, catering, or wedding coordination for the right price! Contact us today and visit our website! 
Free Consultations!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ask Selections Entertainment! We Are Here To Help You!

As i journey on this road call life i am truly thankful for the many blessings i receive everyday and the continued hard work and determination i give for Selections Entertainment.  Over the two years in business i continue to receive many emails and phone calls where people will ask me : How do you do it?, How do i start my own business? Where do you find time to do what you do? I also get emails that say: "You inspire me" , "Can you mentor me"? The list goes on and on! I am honored to help people and i answer the questions to the best of my ability. I let people know I'm not perfect and I'm not an expert but I'm here to help!

Many people ask questions that others are thinking but for some reason will never ask. To continue to help people, Selections Entertainment has created a page on Facebook call: Ask Selections Entertainment.  We want people to ask questions regarding how to stay in business, how to start a business, dealing with trials and tribulations as a business owner and words of encouragement in every day life. Remember we are here for you so ask away! If you want to be anonymous please email your questions and comments to or email me on fb under:Michelle Ifill or Selections Entertainment.

Thanks for the love and support and we look forward to helping you and we all can learn from each other and help each other.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Selections Entertainment Wants To Say Thank You!

From the bottom of our heart, Selections Entertainment wants to say thank you for the love and support for Praises Go Up & Blessings Come Down Gospel Fest. This event was truly a blessing! All the performers, models, vendors, and people behind the scene did an excellent job.  This event shows and proves through hard work and determination, your goals and dreams can be accomplished.  Selections Entertainment stepped out on faith and decided to plan their first big event after being in business for two years.  This first big event turned out great! Look out for this event next year! We are planning bigger and better!

We are also proud that we were able to help Proud Fight and help the many kids that fight everyday with cancer!

If you are a small business, model, or performer, get ready for next year because we are taking off!

Monday, May 30, 2011

How Important Is The Word Support?

In our everyday lives we use the word support for many reasons. We encourage and support ourselves and others.  In today's society technology has taken over with twitter, myspace and facebook and many people hide behind that wonderful computer screen for marketing purposes for their business or personal use.  Eventhough in society we shouldn't look for someone's approval but support really runs a long way.  Are the majority of people really there and supporting you or are they just putting together a bunch of words on social media websites to make you sound or look good and deep down inside they are not really happy for you?  There are so many so called businesses on these sites.  Please take the time to get to know someone when conducting business and creating ideas together.  There's a difference when meeting so called business owners on the web and meeting them in person. Also get to know current business owners.  Just because they are in business doesn't mean they are professional.

If someone REALLY wants to support you they will support you:FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, & PHYSICALLY(Coming to events, etc...)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Support Local Talent

I'm sure many of you have heard the buzz of my upcoming event: Praises Go Up & Blessings Come Down Gospel Fest. One of the main purpose of creating this event was for people to celebrate many spiritual religions , help others in need such as Proud Fight, helping kids with the cure & treatment of cancer and Shaw University students from the tornado storm. My vision was also to help spread the word of local talent. What puzzled me the most is when i first advertised the gospel fest. The main question people asked was: who is the main act? They were looking for Kirk Franklin & Mary Mary. I was shocked! I know celebrities play a big role at events and parties and i'm not knocking celebrities but local talents are awesome and they have a silent word when it comes to the public. Local talent also don't receive the support like they should. My answer to that question was: all the performers and models in the gospel fest are the main act! Remember most celebrities performed at local bars, lounges and clubs for years before they got discovered!

Please come out June 4th for gospel fest and support local talent for a great cause.Great talent and vendors will be there! for more info on tickets.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Selections Entertainment sticks by our logo"Your Choice Of Style & Entertainment". We fit and cater to every budget.  Please check out our website for great catering selections! Choose from strawberries & chocolate, shrimp, chicken, asparagus, and many more.  We also provide great packages for parties,weddings, and events. Not only can we plan your event or wedding, we can also cater your event!  Check out the pictures below and please visit our website at for our full menu! Contact us for a free consultation.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wedding Services From The Heart!

Congratulations to Ashley and Brent on a beautiful wedding day last weekend!(April 23) The happy couple chose Adam's Winery in Willowspring, where the bride and groom were married on the large front porch adjacent to the venue's reception site.  Despite the heavy rain showers Saturday morning, the weather could not have been more perfect when Ashely stepped out of the limo in her stunning white gown. A special thanks to Jennifer L. Durham Photography and Top Notch Entertainment for collaborating so perfectly!

Selections Entertainment will also like to thank Ashley and Brent for choosing us for rehearsal and Day of Coordination services. Here is Ashley's testimonial statement:

"I would refer Selections Ent. to anyone! They were great and they worked with me when i needed someone fast! I would not go to anyone else for anything!

Thanks Olivia for making sure my day ran smoothly!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What's New?

As you all know SE is always full of surprises! We are always keeping you on the edge and giving you different events. With so much going on here is a list of upcoming events.

1. For The Love of Mom Mother's Day Gift Baskets-Want to give your mom, aunt, cousin, sister, family member or friend something different for mother's day? SE is here to provide you with that.  Great items such as strawberries & chocolate, candles, & bath salts. Go to for prices. Orders are accepted April 1-May 6

2. Praises Go Up & Blessings Come Down Gospel Fest- Join this great event June 4th as we celebrate gospel music. Selections Ent. is still looking for vendors, sponsors, and advertisers. Go to to view our packages.

3. Open Heart Giving Summertime & Shaw University- Selections Ent. started open heart giving in 2009 by founders Michellle Ifill & the late Jachosia Ray. The purpose of this program is to give back to the community. Open your heart and give! We currently have open heart giving summertime where we are looking for families to have a great summer day at the marble museum in raleigh, nc. A devastating tornado ripped through Raleigh, NC and affected many areas. One area was Shaw University. W are currently accepting monetary, food & clothing donations April 18-Aug1. Donate now at or contact SE at regarding food & clothing donations.

What's New?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking For Vendors Sponsors & Advertisers For Gospel Fest!

Selections Entertainment & VIP Promotions presents: Praises Go Up & Blessings Come Down Gospel Fest.

We are currently looking for vendors, sponsors, and advertisers for this event! It's going down June 4 from 4-7pm at the Dream Center in Raleigh, NC.

We are also searching for choirs, singers, praise dancers, models, fashion designers, hosts, dj or band. A meet and greet session will be announced soon for tryouts!

All packets are on Selections website

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where Is Your Growth?

Hello to all my people that are 30 & up! I'm sure many of you have had this conversation with friends, family, and your mate! What were you doing at age 18,21 & 25? Were you clubbing alot, dating multiple people, drinking alot or just didn't have a care in the world at that age? Then the next question comes: are you still doing the same things at the age of 30, 35, 40 or older?

I have came in contact with so many people and have observed people 30 & up and i hate to say it but it's sad that alot of people 30 & up are still doing the same things or sometimes worse in their current life. Where is your growth? Alot of times it's not about materialistic things such as a car, house, or owning a business(eventhough that plays a part in growth but shouldn't be the main focus). Did you grow and become more mature? Are you learning new things such as traveling to different places, meeting different people, learning different cultures, persuing your education, are you more mature and have learned from your mistakes? If you look at your life now and you are doing the exact things you were doing 5,10,15 years ago, you have a serious problem! You really need to evaluate your life. Set small and big goals! As you age, growth is suppose to become more positive!

As an event planner i constantly do surveys to see how people would like to be entertained in their area. For some reason there seems to be a lot of contradiction going on. I cater to the older crowd and they constantly tell me they want to see the wine tastings, art shows, speed dating, nice lounges & bars(not clubs), relationships forums etc... but when i provide those type of events they don't show up and when i see them again they will strike up a conversation about the experience they had when they wen to the club! Remember people always explore and try different things! Try events, travel, and always meet new and positive people! Continue to prepare for your future! Remember you are not going to be 21 for the rest of your life and think about how you will look breaking your neck to go to the club every week with a bunch of 21 & 25 yr olds!

Plan for the future, continue to enjoy life, and remember if you are 30 & up you are venturing into another part of your life you will enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Business Spotlight March 2011

We are back again with our business spotlight! This month is Serious Statement. Let's support our businesses!

Serious Statement specializes in helping clients to turn their dreams into reality. We focus on concept consulting, relationship building, workshop coordination and public speaking. We have 2 umbrellas under Serious Statement and those are Seriously Speaking and Beauty From Head to Toe. Seriously Speaking features a speakers bureau and workshops geared towards helping participants improve their communication skills. Beauty From Head to Toe features our annual 5 city women's education and empowerment tour and also events that are committed to helping to empower, inspire and educate all people.
949 208 4352

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Each Month Selections Entertainment will do a business spotlight for great exposure to businesses! Our first business is:

 Nikki Cofield Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay

Ms. Cofield offers personalized service that fits you. Her model is: Just tell me if you’d like a one-on-one consultation, a party with friends, a virtual party, makeup tips, skin care advice or free samples. You can always try before you buy. If you prefer to shop online only or order by e-mail or phone, the choice is yours. I’d love to help you with any or all of your beauty needs.

My Specialties

Bridal Looks
Skin Care Solutions
Age Fighting Skin Care
Looks for your Lifestyle

E-mail :
Toll Free: 888.398.6260

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Is In The Air! For The Love of You Vday Packages!

Love is in the air! It's true that people should not wait until vday to celebrate love but we all know celebrating love around vday is very popular! Love is not only for couples! Remember in order to love someone you have to love yourself first! Selections Entertainment has the pleasure of providing you with great vday packeges for yourself, him or her! Check it out at! Deadline to place orders & pay is Feb. 11.  Feel free to post your best love stories or vday moments!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary Selections Entertainment! Wow Two Years Strong

Wow two years strong and i'm still standing! I want to thank God, Family, close friends that have truly supported my events or gave me words of encouragement through the cries, madness and happiness.  When i started this journey i knew it was going to be rough but didn't know it was to be this rough! Today is Jan 1 2011 and the struggle continues.....

Below take a journey of all the events i have done! Wow it has been a busy two years and more to come!