Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Advertising & Marketing: Remember You Still Need A Website!

Selections Entertainment specializes in many areas when it comes to planning but we also specialize in advertising.  We all know social media has taken over tremendously but business owners, please don't forget or ignore your websiteThe following situations occur in today's society:

1. People start a business and feel they don't need a website.  They go straight to a social media website to create a page or group and feel that is their website.
2. Business owners create a website but don't monitor or keep website updated.
3. When marketing and advertising a business, some business owners get so caught up with social media they don't list their website on their business card or when conducting interviews or speaking they don't mention their website or give out the website information.

*Remember websites represents your business and gives a first impression of who you are and how your business is conducted.  You are not limited on your website to explain your services, show pictures,prices, and testimonies Eventhough social media is popular, there are still people who don't visit certain social media websites and would prefer to see a personal website.  Websites also show professionalism and the hard work you put into your business.
It is also important to update your website.  You took the time and money to create it, then you should take the time to update it.  A potential client does not want to see out dated information or pictures.  People will wonder are they still in business or they are not taking the time and effort to market and advertise their business.  Why should they spend their money on you.  Impression is everything!

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