Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Planner Or Coordinator Is Needed Raleigh, NC

In 2015 i still run into clients or potential clients who feel they do not need a planner! Are you crazy! Wether it's a wedding, party, event or  any type of special occassion, you need a planner! Just like a dj, caterer, photographer, or baker is needed, a planner is needed also! Planners we must stress in our consultation and on our websites the importance of a planner and coordinator! That's good your aunt planned her wedding or your sister planned her birthday party six months ago, but remember they are not professionals! They do not do this on a daily basis! Also stop thinking planners are too expensive for your budget! Most planners have economical payment plans, and deposits! Communicate, work it our with them! Overall this industry is underated and underpaid and many planners and coordinators put alot of time and effort into their work. Respect the industry and hire a planner!

Check us out: www.selectionsent.com
Slogan: "Your Choice Of Style & Entertainment"

Monday, August 24, 2015

Emergency Kits For Events & Parties!

Many people concentrate on emergency kits for weddings, but what about for events and parties? Some items are similar, but here are items that should be in your emergency kit for an event or party.

  • Breath Mints or gum
  • Flip flops or comfortable shoes
  • Headache medicine and or first aid kit
  • Makeup bag filled with all of your essentials
  • Extra party favors or giveaway bags just incase a few extra guests show up
  • Bottled water just incase you can't get to the catering table
  • Cash just in case you have to run to the store for extra supplies
  • Full list of vendors such as baker, photographer, baker, planner just incase something goes wrong
  • Thread & Needle Just incase that party dress goes haywire
  • Comb/Brush/ Beauty Supplies

Monday, August 10, 2015

Yummy Fundraiser In Raleigh NC!

Selections Entertainment venue fundraiser was a hit on Aug 1. We are at it again Sep 19! Please support for a great cause! We are working hard to provide a great venue for the Raleigh, NC area! We already provide the major services in the planning industry. Now we need the building! We have also added kids meals to this great fundraiser!

If you are unable to buy a lunch please support our gofundme account at http://www.gofundme.com/SEproject

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Economical Bartending Services In Raleigh, NC

We all know bartending services really sets the tone for a great special ocassion! Whether a nice wine selection, cocktail or beer beverage is served, guests are looking to have a great time! Hire professional bartenders to leave all your worries behind! Professional bartenders have the experience with portion control, when to serve, when not to serve, creative with drink options to fit your special ocassion,and they provide a professional atmosphere!

Contact Selections Entertainment today for professional bartending services! We provide great economical prices and service!

Web: www.selectionsent.com
Email: mi@selectionsent.com

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Business Spotlight!

Having a wedding, event, party, social gathering or meeting and you are looking for a different style and taste for desserts? Tired of the old sheet cake look? Sweet Synergy is the company for the step out the box desserts! They specialize in cake truffles and stuffed cookies. These items are also great for wedding and party favors and also if a client wants something different other than a cake. Check them out at http://sweetsynergync.com/

Monday, June 22, 2015

Economical Fundraiser In Raleigh NC!

Venue Fundraiser! Support Selections Entertainment on Aug 1!
Great Professional Lunches!
Help Us Reach Our Goal For A Wonderful Venue And One Stop Shop!
Place Order  By July 31 at mi@selectionsent.com

Monday, June 8, 2015

Economical Rental Items In Raleigh NC!

Wedding season is here and we all know rental items such as linens, chaircovers, wine glasses, sashes and many more will make your special occasion pop! We all know that bill can add up very quickly when you are finalizing your overall expected image and vision! Whether you are having a wedding, party, event, or any special occasion, you have to plan and budget!

To help knock down that bill we are offering a great Summer Sizzling offer! Receive 30% off rental items of $250.00 or more! Now until June 30th!

Check out our rentals list for items and pricing at: www.selectionsent.com

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Great Raleigh NC Photographers!

Selections Entertainment had the pleasure of meeting and networking with owners Ronald Parker and Tamaro Johnson of Artije Photography. When i first met them i automatically noticed their professionalism and branding. Their work speaks for itself. If you are looking for a professional photographer for any occasion, please support this great business. Their prices are economical, and you will feel comfortable during your consultation. Most photographers can have a lengthy time for final pictures but Artije Photography works long and hard on their return. They are also excellent with helping other business owners and connecting people together.

Please view their website at: http://www.artijephotography.com/

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Supporting Small Businesses, A Must Needed Push!

We all love the big chain stores such as walmart, target, mcdonald's and many more. When we see their logo we automatically know their services and products and we are ready to spend! Even sometimes when we don't have the money we still go inside to look around and we end up purchasing an item or service!

Small businesses need your help, support and assistance! There are so many professional and talented small businesses out there. Many small businesses just needs that extra push and support to get a bigger audience! Most of our prices are economical or lower than the bigger businesses. Sometimes we have to work 200% harder just to make the sale because people don't believe in us or take the business serious or we have to run miles, jump through hoops to make a sale. One major obstacle small businesses run into is finances! We struggle to obtain grants, loans, clientele, investors, and partners. If you see a professional business owner working very hard and being consistent with quality work and services, please support.

Selections Entertainment is working hard to make our next goal and dream come true. We are on a hard working journey to raise money to obtain our venue! The venue is more than SE! We want to expand our Open Heart Giving Program and create a food and clothing pantry where families and individuals in need can come to the venue for food and clothing. We also would use the venue to expand our seminars and workshops to small business owners.

We currently have two projects going on to raise money.
Go fund me: Any dollar amount will help! We thank you for your support! www.gofundme.com/seproject

Chase Main Street Grant. We need 250 votes to get to the next level! Help us achieve that goal at https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/b/29453

Thank you for all your love and support!
Michelle Ifill

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Economical Wedding Planners in Raleigh North Carolina!

Wedding Season is here! Most wedding planners have economical wedding packages for your needs! Remember you can't do it alone and you don't want a family member to conduct your wedding! Hire a professional. Most wedding planners have day of coordination packages if you are trying to scale down your budget. Day Of Coordination packages includes: Meeting client before wedding date to get information on vendors, contracts, payment plans, guest count, and an overall view of your special day! This package also includes conducting and coordinating the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

Selections Entertainment provides economic prices and payment plans! Check us out to view our packages and services! www.selectionsent.com

We also offer free consultations! Happy Planning!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Economical Prices For Catering!

You have your budget, and venue, the next step is catering! This can be a big task. We all know food is costly but there are many caterers out there who can make your special day come true with great food! Here are tips to what to look for pertaining to great savings!

  • Look For Caterers who provide packages! Most of the time if you are getting married or having a big event or party, you are better off getting a package from your caterer instead of many ala carte services! They can add up! Packages will fit your needs and provide you with everything you need so you don't have to outsource a lot of items such as rentals. Popular items in catering packages are: plates, utensils, glassware,napkins, and servers.
  • Choose Buffet Style! This method will save you tons of money with servers and time! Trust me, you will see the difference with your bill verses a platted meal!
  • Select a caterer that provides economical payment plans! This will make your life so much easier. If you can plan and map out how much you have to pay, that will assist you with your budget for the entire special occasion.
  • Slash food items! Many people feel they have to have a thanksgiving meal at their special occasion! That is not true! Popular selections are one or two meats, vegetable, salad, and a side item. Remember you want your guests to have a great experience but at the end of the day, YOU are paying for it! My favorite motto: "If they are still hungry when they leave your special occasion, McDonald's is always open".
We hope these tips will help you to select your caterer. Please check out our full catering menu at: www.selectionsent.com We provide free consultations and have great economical prices! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Selecting Your Venue!

We all know the engagement process can be overwhelming and one of the toughest decisions to make is selecting a venue! Selecting a venue can be very costly and time consuming. Here are some tips to consider when you are selecting a venue:

  • Make a decision on your wedding date in a timely manner. Venues are booked a year in advance for most couples and sometimes two years in advance! You wouldn't want your favorite venue to be booked
  • Research, Research, Research! It is so important to do your research on venues before you visit them and make your selection. Check for pricing, spacing and your overall image
  • Setting the tone for your budget! Your venue and catering is the most expensive categories for your wedding. You may have a budget for 15,000 and your favorite venue may cost 6,000! Your venue search will set the tone for the start of your budget!
  • Selecting a venue will also help you make a decision for your guest count. If you select a venue that seats 150 max then you know you can't invite 200 people
  • The first step is researching but the next big step is to visit venue so you can get a better vision
  • Selecting your venue will also finalize your overall vision and color scheme
  • Consider what the venue has to offer and if it fits your needs such as tables, chairs, bartending, catering rules and regulations,hanging decor on walls and ceilings, and hours you have the venue
  • Consider what type of payment plans the venue has, this will help you tremendously with your budget process 
Remember your venue selection sets the tone for planning your wedding! Happy planning! Contact SE for all your planning needs! Visit us at www.selectionsent.com

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last Minute!

We all know last minute plans can be alot of work! In the planning industry i still receive tons of emails where clients are looking for caterers, coordinators, rental items and venues at the last minute! The biggest problem people run into is not knowing pricing. When i let them know prices they look at me like i'm telling them  to go to the moon and back! lol. It is crucial to have a realistic budget! Also being engaged for a year or more will give you time to map out your budget and choose your vendors! If your finances does not fit your dream wedding, take your time to save and plan. What is the rush?

Happy Wedding Season! Don't rush the process, enjoy it!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hire A Professional Caterer!

We all hear the stories of horrible catering at weddings, events and parties! There is so much that goes into catering such as portion control, serving, health regulations, presentation, and preparation. One of the things people remember at a special occasion is the food! Please join Selections Entertainment as we display some of our great food items. You will enjoy professionalism at it's finest! You will also meet other great business owners such as Makeup With Moni & Cakes Unlimited By Benisha.

Our bartending services will also be displayed with complimentary wine. Registration ends Sat. March 21. Link for registration: http://www.selectionsent.com/#!events/cdkz

Date: March 28, 2015
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Location: 4801 Glenwood Ave. Ste. 200 Raleigh, NC

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Other Planner!

We all know that you need a planner for a wedding, but what about a party or event? Parties and events are just as important as weddings. People plan special parties such as their 40th, retirement, 1st event, business launch etc.., those are special memories you want to have for a life time. There is work to do and great planning goes into it! It's more than throwing a platter on a table and getting a couple of balloons! You have to have a budget, time management, select a venue, catering, decor, invitations, the list goes on and on! You will need a planner to keep you on the right track! So if you have that upcoming special occasion or in the future, please put a planner in your budget!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catering For Your Wedding, Event Or Party Is Not A Thanksgiving Meal!

What do we all look forward to when we go to a special occasion? Food! Planning your catering menu for your special occasion can be overwhelming!  As a caterer, i conduct many consultations and food tastings and many people feel they have to have a thanksgiving spread for their guests! Sometimes clients add food to their menu after they have selected their catering package! Here are tips for great catering options for your special occasion:

Event/Party/Meeting: Finger Food! Easy finger food to pass around or for guests to pickup. Examples are: fruit, veggie platter, cheese, crackers, crab cakes,  and chicken wingettes. Most events, parties or meetings there is alot of talking, dancing, announcements or activities going on. You want to satisfy your guest to hold them over but don't want to provide a heavy meal where people get lazy.

Banquet/Wedding: Not skimpy and not heavy! Selections Entertainment recommends one or two meats, a salad, side item and/or heavy appetizers. Examples:  baked chicken breast, steak, roast,  kabobs, pasta and vegetables. You want your guest to still have energy to participate in the special occasion and have a festive atmosphere. Especially after dinner is served! Save the thanksgiving meals for thanksgiving day! Happy planning!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Real Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and love is in the air! Each year many people fall in the trap thinking vday is for couples only. Not! Vday represents love everywhere! Celebrate love with your mother, cousin, friend, aunt, boyfriend, wife or husband. We all know roses are the popular item for a vday gift but become creative! Cards, candy, socks, singing to someone, cooking a meal and just saying I Love You are all great creative gift ideas. On behalf of Selections Entertainment we want to wish you a happy valentine's day and we hope you really enjoy and celebrate being around love ones.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Inquiries & Price Shoppers

Wedding season is fast approaching! Jan & Feb are the months for price shopping and email inquiries! This is the time to really sell your business and book the right clients. Right now business owners are receiving the popular questions as: How much? Are you available for this specific date? Website? Location? Rules/Regulations/Contracts/Payment Plans? It is very important to have your business ready. Sometimes you only get one chance or opportunity and you have to make the best of it. Your email response, consultation, and customer service can make or break the deal! Here are tips for this high volume time for inquiries and price shoppers:

  • Make sure your website, contact information, content on website, pricing, and service and product information are updated. Also updated on business cards. When potential clients are shopping, they want consistent and immediate answers. If they don't see it or receive it, they will move on to the next business.
  • Respond to emails or phone call within 24hrs! People say 24-48 hrs, i say 24hrs! You know how many other businesses they contact in 48hrs? You can lose the sale! Don't make the excuse i was busy doing this and that. Your potential  client can be your next client! One of the biggest compliments i receive for Selections Entertainment is my timely manner of getting back to them. Trust me, people remember that!
  • Proper customer service. It is so important how you speak and react to a client. That sets the t for eoneverything. You can even tell a business owner tone on how they respond to an email.
I hope these tips will help you with your transitioning of inquiries to booked clients!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bartending 101!

We need a bartender! Where do we start? Bartending services are more popular as a outsourcing service for parties, weddings,events, and meetings. Selections Entertainment provides bartending services and when we conduct consultations many people are clueless where to start.  Here are tips when you are searching for a professional bartender or bartender company.

  • Make sure bartender or  bartending company are certified. You can ask to see their bartending certificate
  • Make sure bartender or bartending company has liability insurance
  • Most bartenders charge 20.00 and up per hour and receives tips
  • Minimum required hours are 4 to 5. Please consider setup and clean up time
  • Bartenders are required to have appropriate dresscode attire
  • Conduct consultation with bartender or company. Don't assume they will show up and start working. Reviewing contracts, drink selections and supplies are the same as any other service
Contact Selections Entertainment for all your bartending needs!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


We all know your rental items such as linens, chaircovers, sashes, glassware and many more items set the tone for your wedding, party or event. Conducting many consultations, sometimes clients struggle with colors, patterns and materials. Popular colors for 2015 are: Victorian Lilac, Wine, Gold and Mint . The rustic style is fading out and people are leaning more to classic and elegant. Glitter and decor that pop are also going to be added in 2015. I also always recommend clients to mix polyester and satin together or if they have other shinny materials such as crush taffeta and pinched wheel that will blend great with polyester . Floating candles with bling material also sets the tone and bright flowers. I always recommend people to actually sit down and conduct a full consultation with a planner to see and feel materials and colors. When you can see the vision, it helps with the planning process run smoother. Happy Planning!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Don't Ignore The Engagement!

Happy New Years Everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday and a great fresh start for the new years! Wedding & planning season is fast approaching again and Selections Entertainment is ready to cater to your planning needs! We all know Christmas, new years & valentine's day are popular times when people are engaged! After the excitement calms down, some brides are looking around saying what is next? They are ready to dive into planning. That's great to get a head start with planning, but many couples do not enjoy the engagement moments! I conduct many consultations and one of the questions i frequently ask is did you celebrate your engagement? Wether it's a toast of champagne, going out to a nice restaurant, having an engagement party, nice picnic or any other creative idea, you should celebrate your engagement. Many couples feel it's a unnecessary expense and it can be expensive but with the right budget, it's still a important part of the planning process and kicks off great beginnings. Great ideas to slash your budget down are potluck for food & beverages, a simple champagne toast, going out to dinner, a nice picnic or cookout to save on venue expenses will help couples tremendously!

Happy Planning For 2015!