Friday, January 16, 2015

Bartending 101!

We need a bartender! Where do we start? Bartending services are more popular as a outsourcing service for parties, weddings,events, and meetings. Selections Entertainment provides bartending services and when we conduct consultations many people are clueless where to start.  Here are tips when you are searching for a professional bartender or bartender company.

  • Make sure bartender or  bartending company are certified. You can ask to see their bartending certificate
  • Make sure bartender or bartending company has liability insurance
  • Most bartenders charge 20.00 and up per hour and receives tips
  • Minimum required hours are 4 to 5. Please consider setup and clean up time
  • Bartenders are required to have appropriate dresscode attire
  • Conduct consultation with bartender or company. Don't assume they will show up and start working. Reviewing contracts, drink selections and supplies are the same as any other service
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


We all know your rental items such as linens, chaircovers, sashes, glassware and many more items set the tone for your wedding, party or event. Conducting many consultations, sometimes clients struggle with colors, patterns and materials. Popular colors for 2015 are: Victorian Lilac, Wine, Gold and Mint . The rustic style is fading out and people are leaning more to classic and elegant. Glitter and decor that pop are also going to be added in 2015. I also always recommend clients to mix polyester and satin together or if they have other shinny materials such as crush taffeta and pinched wheel that will blend great with polyester . Floating candles with bling material also sets the tone and bright flowers. I always recommend people to actually sit down and conduct a full consultation with a planner to see and feel materials and colors. When you can see the vision, it helps with the planning process run smoother. Happy Planning!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Don't Ignore The Engagement!

Happy New Years Everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday and a great fresh start for the new years! Wedding & planning season is fast approaching again and Selections Entertainment is ready to cater to your planning needs! We all know Christmas, new years & valentine's day are popular times when people are engaged! After the excitement calms down, some brides are looking around saying what is next? They are ready to dive into planning. That's great to get a head start with planning, but many couples do not enjoy the engagement moments! I conduct many consultations and one of the questions i frequently ask is did you celebrate your engagement? Wether it's a toast of champagne, going out to a nice restaurant, having an engagement party, nice picnic or any other creative idea, you should celebrate your engagement. Many couples feel it's a unnecessary expense and it can be expensive but with the right budget, it's still a important part of the planning process and kicks off great beginnings. Great ideas to slash your budget down are potluck for food & beverages, a simple champagne toast, going out to dinner, a nice picnic or cookout to save on venue expenses will help couples tremendously!

Happy Planning For 2015!