Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thank You....

Wow time flies by quick! 2014 is almost over! What a year! Selections Entertainment want to take the time out to say THANK YOU to all our clients that have supported us this year! We have worked with a diverse clientele and have met many new business owners. Thank you for trusting SE with your special day! Without you we would not be in business. We are also honored that you appreciate our hard work and you notice all the work that we do! Here are pictures of some of our wonderful clients in 2014!

We look forward to 2015 with more great clients!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Planning Vs. Coordination

Business owners are you ready for more business and consultations for the 2015-2016 wedding/event season? Clients are you engaged or planning a party or event? Well this article is for you! Many people use the terms: planning, coordination, organization, timelines, etc... Do you know the difference with these words and the type of services you are looking for ? Let Selections Entertainment help you out!

Planning: Many people misinterpret wedding and event planning with other terminologies such as coordination. Planning  is more detailed, more work and more structure. Potential clients will contact us and say they need a coordinator but they really need a planner. Planners are usually starting from the beginning or taking over where you left off. Planners are the creators when it comes to budgets, themes, decor, colors, style, structure,  and organization. They are the front line of your special day, event, meeting or party and also there to the end.

Coordination: Coordination is putting the final pieces together. Most coordinators will coordinate and dictate the day of the special occasion or a few days before. They are usually not assisting from day one when you start the planning process. Their main duty and focus is to make sure that special day is executed in a timely and professional matter.

Hope this helps you out when you contact a planner or coordinator. Whichever one you choose, just know that they both are important to hire and book on your special day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In That Order.....

We all know planning a wedding, event, or party can be overwhelming. There are so many details you don't know where to start. Sometimes clients are ready to randomly start in any area of the planning process and they think they are getting things done. You are getting things done but not in a proper order and details are everywhere and then plans become haywire! I conduct many consultations for catering , rentals,and wedding planning. Many potential clients have not booked their venue, set a date, they book  their decorator before their caterer or venue, the list goes on and on! As a professional here is the proper order for planning your special day:

1. Set Date- Setting a date is crucial to book all your vendors and to let your guest know.
2. Set Realistic Budget: Before you rush and look at invitations, cakes, venues and catering, set a realistic budget so you know what you are looking for and you can be realistic with your vendors.
3. Venue- Your venue is the top expensive vendor in your budget! When you book your venue that will help you flow with your designs, head count and overall image and theme for your wedding. Some people wait until the last minute and assume their date will be available for their special day. Venues get booked fast and most likely they will not hold dates.
4.Catering-Catering is the second most expensive vendor. Food sets the tone for your special day. Many people like to book a caterer first before they have a budget or before a venue. Booking your caterer after booking your venue is important. You don't want to book your caterer first due to many venues having many rules and regulations  and qualifications for caterers. You would not want to be in a situation where you book your caterer and they cannot cater your wedding.
5. Décor/Rentals- This area is the third largest expense. For some reason people put rentals and décor on the backburner and don't realize the cost of linens, chair covers, flowers, napkins etc,,, this area is the most over looked area in the planning process.
6. Invitations-Invitations and save the dates are important because you want to keep your guests informed on your special day. Depending your  style and guest count, invitations can get costly.
7.Photography/Videography- Capturing the moment is so important! Many people are also hiring photo booths  for those great memories. There are tons of photographers out there but you want the one that fits your budget and captures those great memories.
8. Cake-People will always remember how the cake tasted! Depending on your guest count, flavor of cake and design you want to find the right baker to make  things pop!
9. DJ/Musicians- Ready to party? The DJ and musician sets the tone for the ceremony and reception
10. Transportation-Ride in style and pick the right transportation company.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You Can Still Have Fun In July!

July is the month where it slows down for wedding season. The popular months are May, June, August, September, & October. Why skip July? July is not a popular month because it is one of the hottest month of the season. Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, the weather is a lot to handle for the wedding party, guests and vendors.

We can still enjoy the month of July with planning birthday parties, family reunions, beach trips, vacations, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, theme parties and many more!

Let SE plan your next event. Don't forget we are a one stop shop and we cater to more areas than just weddings such as décor, rentals, coordination, planning, and catering.

Happy Planning!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Catering Vs Cake

Happy wedding season! Wedding vendors i'm sure you are very busy right now but I hope you take the time to read this blog! Also brides and future brides! As a caterer, consultations are very detailed and I try to cover as many details as possible. What I notice in many consultations many clients feel the cake is the responsibility for the caterer. I'm sad to announce it's not. Sorry! Here are some of the assumptions people think happens at the wedding reception and sometimes events and parties:

1. Caterer assist baker with delivery & setup cake
2. Caterer provides cake knife, plates, napkins, & utensils for cake
3. Caterer cuts cake & serve
4. Caterer boxes up cake and responsible for cake at end of reception

Here are the correct details pertaining to the cake and catering:

1. Most caterers do not assist bakers with delivery of cake and setting up. This is a big liability to the caterer.
2. Most caterers do not supply cake knife, plates, napkins, & utensils for cake unless they charge a separate fee to the client

3.  Caterers deal with food and the cake comes from a baker. Some caterers charge clients to cut the cake and serve.  The fee is for a professional to cut a wedding cake and the time it takes to serve
4. Caterers are responsible for cleaning up their area pertaining to food. The cake is in a separate area and most of the time the wedding coordinator is responsible for packing up the cake and baker provides a cake box

It is important caterers  and bakers go over details on responsibilities for food and cake. Wedding planners are also important to have for your special occasion. Knowledge is power! Happy planning!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Happy wedding season! Many business owners, brides and grooms are staying busy with planning their special day! Business owners are booking many consultations and possible clients are setting many consultations to narrow down their best and favorite vendors! Many clients are viewing websites and checking out the business owners prices and their work. The consultation goes great with the cake tasting, food tasting, venue walk thru, etc..... and what's next? You guessed right! Let's get into finances! Most business owners in the wedding industry will explain  the payment process before the consultation(most of the time posted on their website) and they will explain it again during the consultation. The average business owner has a non refundable deposit. This deposit secures your date and guarantees not to book another client or over book.

As a business owner it is very important for clients to realize how important it is to pay your deposit to the business owner you really want to book. The majority of business owners do not hold dates and spaces. Business owners want guarantee customers and by placing that initial deposit, it shows that the client is serious about using their services. Deposits also relieves the stress off of the client and you can mark that check off of your list of vendors you have booked. Also clients should really have the opportunity to book the vendor they really want to use. Who wants second or third choices? Budgeting and planning is very important so do your research of your favorite vendors to find out total cost and deposits. This will help you be better prepared to make the deposit during the consultation.

Happy Planning

Friday, January 3, 2014


  • Happy New Year to everyone! You made it to 2014! What is the buzz for 2014? Many people got engaged in 2013, especially during thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years and there will be more to come for valentine's day! You are engaged, now what? You are happy, excited ,overwhelmed, received so many phone calls, text messages and your fb page is buzzing non stop! You stare at the ring over and over and after the initial shock wears off you are thinking, what is next? Here are some tips for your next step.

1. When the buzz wears off about your engagement, still enjoy it and take your time! As a planner, what i notice is so many people rush the engagement process and they don't enjoy it. Couples are planning weddings in less than a year. Couples automatically get pressure from family and friends with questions such as: did you set a date, where is the location, what are your colors, how big is the wedding going to be? etc...

2. Don't skip the engagement process. Many couples skip the engagement process because they are on a tight budget and sometimes feel it's unnecessary but actually it is. This is the time to get all your collective ideas together and bond friends and family. Include the save the dates, and engagement party.

3. Save the dates and engagement parties on a budget! Don't forget planners are also great to help you with the engagement process! Tips on including save the dates and engagement parties are:

  • Find a photographer that is new to the industry and looking for experience. They can do your engagement pictures at a lower price or sometimes free! This will save you a ton of money. You can use the more experienced photographer for your wedding day!
  • When photographers are giving you package options for your engagement pictures, choose the smaller package. Remember it's not your wedding day yet and you only need a few poses to pick from and the best one for your save the dates!
  • Be creative with your save the dates! Find a graphic designer that will do it for a reasonable price and they are working on their portfolio to get the experience. Places such as vista print have reasonable prices where you can upload your picture and be creative with your own design.
  • So many couples skip the engagement party or gathering! This is a great opportunity to join forces with family and friends and to announce your wedding party! Have a potluck party where you have everyone bring a dish, paper products, and alcohol, this will cut down on your budget!
  • Have the engagement party at a club house or a close friend or family house member to save money on venue fees!
  • Keep the party simple and nice, remember you still have to plan the wedding!
4. Last but not least, don't rush the process! We all understand couples have different goals and challenges in their life and some people want to get hitched right away but again enjoy the process and if you want a nice wedding the average time to plan is a year to a year and a half.

*Congratulations again to all the newly engaged couples and Selections Entertainment looks forward to service you!