Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last Minute!

We all know last minute plans can be alot of work! In the planning industry i still receive tons of emails where clients are looking for caterers, coordinators, rental items and venues at the last minute! The biggest problem people run into is not knowing pricing. When i let them know prices they look at me like i'm telling them  to go to the moon and back! lol. It is crucial to have a realistic budget! Also being engaged for a year or more will give you time to map out your budget and choose your vendors! If your finances does not fit your dream wedding, take your time to save and plan. What is the rush?

Happy Wedding Season! Don't rush the process, enjoy it!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Hire A Professional Caterer!

We all hear the stories of horrible catering at weddings, events and parties! There is so much that goes into catering such as portion control, serving, health regulations, presentation, and preparation. One of the things people remember at a special occasion is the food! Please join Selections Entertainment as we display some of our great food items. You will enjoy professionalism at it's finest! You will also meet other great business owners such as Makeup With Moni & Cakes Unlimited By Benisha.

Our bartending services will also be displayed with complimentary wine. Registration ends Sat. March 21. Link for registration: http://www.selectionsent.com/#!events/cdkz

Date: March 28, 2015
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Location: 4801 Glenwood Ave. Ste. 200 Raleigh, NC

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Other Planner!

We all know that you need a planner for a wedding, but what about a party or event? Parties and events are just as important as weddings. People plan special parties such as their 40th, retirement, 1st event, business launch etc.., those are special memories you want to have for a life time. There is work to do and great planning goes into it! It's more than throwing a platter on a table and getting a couple of balloons! You have to have a budget, time management, select a venue, catering, decor, invitations, the list goes on and on! You will need a planner to keep you on the right track! So if you have that upcoming special occasion or in the future, please put a planner in your budget!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catering For Your Wedding, Event Or Party Is Not A Thanksgiving Meal!

What do we all look forward to when we go to a special occasion? Food! Planning your catering menu for your special occasion can be overwhelming!  As a caterer, i conduct many consultations and food tastings and many people feel they have to have a thanksgiving spread for their guests! Sometimes clients add food to their menu after they have selected their catering package! Here are tips for great catering options for your special occasion:

Event/Party/Meeting: Finger Food! Easy finger food to pass around or for guests to pickup. Examples are: fruit, veggie platter, cheese, crackers, crab cakes,  and chicken wingettes. Most events, parties or meetings there is alot of talking, dancing, announcements or activities going on. You want to satisfy your guest to hold them over but don't want to provide a heavy meal where people get lazy.

Banquet/Wedding: Not skimpy and not heavy! Selections Entertainment recommends one or two meats, a salad, side item and/or heavy appetizers. Examples:  baked chicken breast, steak, roast,  kabobs, pasta and vegetables. You want your guest to still have energy to participate in the special occasion and have a festive atmosphere. Especially after dinner is served! Save the thanksgiving meals for thanksgiving day! Happy planning!