Tuesday, November 19, 2013


2014 is fast approaching and you think you have alot of time for your special occasion? Think again! There were many proposals in 2013 and we are not finished yet! We still have to go through thanksgiving, christmas and new years! 2014 will be the year for weddings! Here are some tips if you are planning for your special day!

1. Don't wait until the engagement to save! If you and your partner are in a very serious committed relationship and engagement is around the corner in the near future, save before the engagement! This will relieve alot of stress dealing with your planning when it comes to deposits for your vendors. Sometimes it can be stressing starting from scratch to save while you are engaged.

2. Enjoy your engagement but have that open communication with your partner on locking and setting a date for your wedding. Dates get filled up fast for venues, caterers, bakers etc...

3. Before you hire a planner. Do your research on the entire wedding industry! Start with checking prices on wedding planners all the way to invitations! This will help you get an estimated budget for your entire wedding! I cannot stress to you how much people go into getting married blindsided and they don't know the average cost. Even when people use that favorite line: I just want something small and simple, it still costs and add up!

4. Yes you do need a wedding planner! I can probably write a book on how many times i hear brides say they don't need a planner and their wedding ends up in shambles! Selections Ent. is a one stop shop and sometimes we are at a wedding as a caterer and not the planner. A planner is not on site and the bride and other family members are trying to coordinate everything. What a site to see! You know the rest! Always remember wedding planners have different packages to fit your budget.

5. Before you make your final decision on your vendors, do your research. Not only for  their pricing but their professionalism, clientele tracking, customer service and branding! This is your special day and you want the best. Take full advantage if the vendor has free consultations or open houses. This will also help you with making your decision. Your one on one time and direct contact will help you make your decision.

6. Be realistic with your budget! Sometimes less is better! I think sometimes brides feel that they have to have things over the top and very big and most of the time that is not the case. Staying within your budget can still create a great wedding!

7. Remember you get what you pay for! Saving money and budgeting is an essential part of the planning process but remember cheap is not always better!

8. Get a head start and attend bridal expos and seminars ahead of time. 1 year to 6 months is great!

Happy Planning!

Monday, June 17, 2013


It's wedding season and Selections Entertainment is always trying our best to stay busy and to give clients what they need and want. No matter how busy you get you have to remember your customer service and catering to your clients needs. They don't want to hear that you are busy and you have to deal with this customer etc....They are paying their hard earn money for quality service and it's their special day! Through all our hard work we take pride in what we do and we would like to share with you some of our recent testimonial statements we have received from clients. From the bottom of our heart we truly want to thank all of our clients! Because of you we are still in business!

Michelle was amazing!

We had such a hard time finding a caterer we liked and could give us what we wanted at a reasonable price. She went above and beyond when it came to the details of the wedding. She brought her own little decorations to add a nice little touch to the food and bar tables. I am so appreciative to have found her. She is incredibly kind and her staff has such positive kind attitudes. I would recommend her to anyone!

Kathryn Cooper

Wanted to let you know that the food & presentation was absolutely wonderful
& everyone raved about it!  We had a few sandwiches leftover & I am still
eating them for breakfasts & lunch . . . still delicious.  Can you believe
that I didn't get a chance to even try a chocolate-dipped pineapple, as they
were a huge hit & were gone before I could get one?!  Thank you SO MUCH for
helping make our graduation party a success!!!  Everyone was asking who our
caterer was & we gave them your cards.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased Suzanne & I were & really appreciate
your braving the flooded streets to get to our party.  If you ever need a
reference from Cary, you can use my name any time.

Thanks again!
We needed to rent white chair covers and royal blue satin bows for the chairs in the Raleigh Sheraton for our daughter's wedding on May 18, 2013. I contacted Michelle from Selections Entertainment after speaking with many other companies who were very expensive and would either put the chair covers on for a very high price or would mail them to us. Michelle was a breath of fresh air! She not only gave us a wonderful price, she said they would set up and break down so we wouldn't have to worry about that aspect of the wedding. The ceremony was also at The Sheraton. When I walked into the ceremony room and the reception room, the chairs and bows were absolutely beautiful! They were excellent quality and brought the entire room to life. Thank you, Michelle and your wonderful staff. We highly recommend SE to anyone planning a wedding or formal occasion.

Ginny Brown

Here is a picture of the chaircovers and sashes we did at the Sheraton

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Support Positive Events!

We all know the mature crowd is always looking for something exciting or different to do. We also know that small businesses find many ways to market and advertise. SE salutes many people who put in the time, effort and hard work with running a business and putting together an event. This article is dedicated to those people. Below are events and businesses to support. Check back periodically for updated businesses and events.

Friday, April 26, 2013

SE Open House!

April 6, 2013, the day was finally here! The most exciting moment for Selections Entertainment! Who would have thought four years ago one of their dreams would come true! Selections Entertainment worked hard that day and the days before that, prepping and putting the final touches on their open house. As we got closer we were so excited. Everything was set! As you read this let me open your imagination!

The atmosphere and mood was very contemporary & professionals! Dj Smooth Jazz was set up and ready to go! The sounds of jazz was awesome, candles was lit, the drink station of punch, water and tea was flowing, the food was smelling and looking good and the decor was great. People arrived on time! As our guests walked in they were greeted by a professional SE staff member which the guest were escorted to the elevator which lead them to the 2nd floor. It was so great to see business owners, family members and college classmates that have supported me along the way!

Let's get into the food menu. Your mouth will water when you see the pictures below. If you arrived on time you were greeted with a nice pastry beef wellington with red wine sauce, shrimp cocktail with our special seasoning. We also had fruit, various cheese selections, and dipped pineapples & chocolate. The main course was beef kabobs, yellow rice, sautee garlic stingbeans with squash & zuchini, and the great garlic creme cheese dip! To top it off SE had a staff member personally distribute wine and mamosas!

The flow was great. People were talking ,eating, networking and having a great time. Pictures were taken by the great R. Boykin Photography! Then it was time for SE to make their speech thanking everyone who came out and explaining our journey.

Last but not least people could not leave without getting their giftbags filled with business owners contact information and SE famous strawberries & chocolate! Overall the openhouse was a blessing! I'm enjoying every minute of the blessings and look forward to more blessings and success in the future!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Has Almost Sprung!

Are the heavy layers of clothing slowly coming off? Are you ready to pack the sweaters, hats, gloves, scarfs and other winter items? We are almost there! Spring has alsmost sprung!

Not only do we do spring cleaning but wedding season is popular with the months of May to October. Wedding season cleaning is now and in the winter months! Planning is essential! If you are having a wedding, party or event in the spring and summer months you should be almost finished with your planning. If you are a last minute person you still have a small portion of time left lol! Some of the last minute items people forget is party favors, finish touches of decor, remembering balances with vendors and to be honest sometimes caterers are contacted at the last minute because people are undecided on their food menu! Again get ready because spring is almost on the way! Contact a planner that can still help you with your needs and there are also many caterers, florist, and decor specialist who can help you. Sit back and let the professionals do their job! HAPPY SPRING!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Celebrate Love in February & Beyond!

We all know February is the month to celebrate love with vday! But what happens after vday? Does the love and romance die? NO! Love and romance should be celebrated with creative ways throughout the year! Hear are some tips for the lovebirds and also loving yourself:

  • Always treat yourself to quiet time! Love yourself and treat yourself to a good book, nap time, working out, a good magazine and a nice walk in the park. We are all busy with work, school, kids and businesses but we also have to love and take care of ourself. That quiet time will also relieve stress and keep the pressure down.
  • Fellas give flowers on random days and not just on vday! We know the roses are popular but switch it up sometimes with carnations, daisies, tulips, and many more. Also give chocolates and candy on random days besides vday!
  • Try different restaurants! Switch it up sometimes and go for lunch instead of dinner all the time. Try restaurants you have never been to before. It makes it fun and exciting instead of going to the same restaurants over and over.
  • Little things mean alot! Pay attention to your mate on some of the smaller things they love or collect. This will be a great romantic deal!
  • Love letters, cards, and notes for just because occasions never go out of style!
  • A cup of coffee ,a nice coffee shop, and great convo always does the trick!
  • You can have the walks in the park alone or you can join your partner for a great healthy walk!
  • Surprise your partner with a home cook meal, you always get pointers for that!
  • Those small weekend trip to a place your partner loves or a place they always wanted to go to is a winner.
  • A nice lounge or concert with music the both of you love.
*Remember, be spontaneous and creative!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Linens, How do I choose?

Vday is coming up, people will celebrate many birthdays, graduations and of coarse wedding season is here! With all the headache of finding venues, bakers, caterers and photographers, another added stress is matching linens for your special occasion. Where do i start? What material, size and color should i get? What size are the tables? What kind of decor should i have on the tables?

To make this a smoother ride here are some tips from Selections Entertainment:
  • Finalize your colors. If you keep on switching colors it will be harder to find, match, and finalize.
  • Finalize your venue and how many guest you are expecting, this will determine how many tables and chairs you need.
  • Decide on what type of linen you want for your special occasion! What type of venue are you using? What type of special occasion are you celebrating? Is it a upscale wedding, birthday party, etc..? This will determine the material linen for your occasion.
  • Plan your budget! Start researching rental companies to see what your price will be for the amount of linens you need and also if you need chair covers, sashes, and runners. There are so many different types of materials from polyester to lamour satin. One of the biggest mistake people make is leaving rentals to the last minute and not realizing the expense for it. Plan ahead!
  • Also visit rental companies to check if the right colors match. If your wedding colors are red and white, you want to make sure the right red matches with your other decor you are using for your wedding. You don't want to go to the rental company the day before and they give you cranberry red, and your color is apple red.Total disaster! Also check out the material. Some polyester or satin linens can look different than you visualize.
  • Also think about your decor and food you will put on table. Does it match the color and material?
  • Know your size for tables! I get so many request and inquiries about linens and people don't know the size of the table or the style they want! Do you want linens to drop to the floor, midway?
Hope these tips help you for linens and other rental materials! Contact us today for your rental needs! www.selectionsent.com 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Engagement Season Is Here! Take our Time!

The holidays are over and what happens? Engagement season is here! More will also come when valentine's day fast approaches! To all my engaged couples, enjoy it! The wedding industry can be very forceful and again i say enjoy it before you make major decisions, with vendors! Selections Entertainment loves wedding season but we also love our clients to enjoy their engagement. It can be overwhelming with telling family members, friends, wedding expos, and many ideas floating in your head.

Enjoy sharing love with each other, taking engagement pictures, thinking about colors, people in wedding party and a start off budget! Also enjoy the ring ladies and let everything soak in ! LOL. Depending on your engagement period, start looking for vendors at least 3 to 4 months after your engagement!