Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Celebrate Love in February & Beyond!

We all know February is the month to celebrate love with vday! But what happens after vday? Does the love and romance die? NO! Love and romance should be celebrated with creative ways throughout the year! Hear are some tips for the lovebirds and also loving yourself:

  • Always treat yourself to quiet time! Love yourself and treat yourself to a good book, nap time, working out, a good magazine and a nice walk in the park. We are all busy with work, school, kids and businesses but we also have to love and take care of ourself. That quiet time will also relieve stress and keep the pressure down.
  • Fellas give flowers on random days and not just on vday! We know the roses are popular but switch it up sometimes with carnations, daisies, tulips, and many more. Also give chocolates and candy on random days besides vday!
  • Try different restaurants! Switch it up sometimes and go for lunch instead of dinner all the time. Try restaurants you have never been to before. It makes it fun and exciting instead of going to the same restaurants over and over.
  • Little things mean alot! Pay attention to your mate on some of the smaller things they love or collect. This will be a great romantic deal!
  • Love letters, cards, and notes for just because occasions never go out of style!
  • A cup of coffee ,a nice coffee shop, and great convo always does the trick!
  • You can have the walks in the park alone or you can join your partner for a great healthy walk!
  • Surprise your partner with a home cook meal, you always get pointers for that!
  • Those small weekend trip to a place your partner loves or a place they always wanted to go to is a winner.
  • A nice lounge or concert with music the both of you love.
*Remember, be spontaneous and creative!

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