Friday, December 7, 2012

Selections Entertainment Favorite Businesses

What is Oprah Winfrey known for around the holidays? Her favorite things list! Well SE has created our list but it's our favorite businesses! Below please read and support our favorite businesses! They are professional, great customer service, and provide great services and products. 

FabulousTransformations, Inc.
A company dedicated to changing the lives of men and women in the areas of health, beauty and weight loss. The mission of this company is to offer the gift of health and beauty to all persons who are seeking to lose weight, detox their body, and/or get healthy. What SE loves about this company is they are very supportive, always have products in stock and their events are very positive towards self image and supporting other businesses!
Want to lose weight the right way? No gimmicks or side effects! Do it the professional way!
 Cakes Unlimited By Benisha
Cakes Unlimited by Benisha specializes in scratch made desserts. They bake and decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. from birthdays down to weddings.  All products are baked fresh and use the best quality ingredients in all products.  Cakes are given individualized attention to make your cake a work of "customized edible art". SE loves their professional consultations and how they take the time to cater to customers. From cake pops to a five tier wedding cake, they do it all. Support!
 Creative Touch Designs
David Tutera Who? This company has amazing décor that you dream of! You make the vision, they make it come true. From live flowers, to fancy vases, crystals, variety of colors and many more, they will make your event, party, or wedding look like it came out of a magazine! This professional company also has a great upscale office for professional consultations! Their materials for rentals are awesome! There are many planners & decorators out there who say they can execute the work but Creative Touch Designs shows and proves it 100%!  Visit their website and see the vision!
Good Scents Oils- Renee Sessoms
Wonderful smells for body care and candles, this is the company to visit. This up and coming business is everywhere! From networking events, to vendor shows their marketing and advertising skills will make you want to purchase! SE loves their support and how they expand! Everyone wants to smell good for their self and that special someone! They continue to expand, watch out for them!
Amber Creative Studio
Do you really want a clean professional brand for your business? This company is fast paced, creative, to the point and can do it all. From websites, to business cards, invitations, flyers, promotional items and many more they can do it! That famous saying: “You get what you pay for” is so true! It’s worth it! SE is a living witness. This company is our personal designer check out our website:! Plan ahead they have a high volume of clients and stay busy!
Oprah Winfrey Network
SE loves the small businesses and we are big supporters but we also admire and look up to successful large businesses and corporations who have worked from the ground up to become successful. What can we say about Oprah! She has been popular since the late 80’s with her talk show, giving back to so many, magazine and now she took it a step further with her networking station. Many doubted and were so use to her talk show but she took a chance and kept many people employed with her network station. Her business savvy and great ideas keeps SE inspired to keep pushing. Her network consists of positive programs and ideas. This network is totally an inspiration and shows your business can be very small and turn nationwide. Keep up the great work Oprah!
 Tamara Hedgepeth Wedding Designs
Can I say professional across the border?  From creative ideas to theme parties and weddings, this company rocks! Do you want a wedding that is not traditional or décor that you look at and say: “Hey! Where did they get that from?” This is the business to contact. From start to finish they will cater to your special occasion!
Tyler Perry Studios
Last but not least, Tyler Perry studios! He is the pure definition of not giving up! From childhood challenges to more challenges with people not believing in his dreams, he did not give up! He fought hard for his plays for years and he has expanded to so much more! SE loves Mr. Perry creativity, how he takes care of his employees, his many movies, and sitcoms and he is also working on his own network! To know Mr. Perry is to love him and not give up! Tyler slogan at his studio is what he represents: “A Place Where Dreams Believe”

*These businesses are professional across the boarder with business cards, websites, great customer services, branding, and they know their target market & clientele. They are in it to win it and SE wishes them continued success! You deserve it!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Savings For The Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching! Are you still stuck trying to plan that christmas or new years party? Here are some tips to save money and not over spend!

  • Don't want to over spend on a venue? Rent a clubhouse, community center, a friend's home or your home. You will save alot of money compared to hotels, ballrooms, and upscale venues.
  • Provide heavy hor'devours or finger food for catering. Most of the time at holiday parties or events, people are networking and mingling so those types of food would be great.
  • Provide beer and wine only instead of liquor. You will save alot of money! Depending on the theme for the party or event you can also ask people to bring their favorite bottle of wine or liquor.
  • For decor keep it simple! Stick to holiday colors and candles!
  • For invitations send out emails or use evite! It will save you alot of money!
Those are a few tips to make your holiday/party run smooth and to save money!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Selections Entertainment has been in business for 3 1/2 years and the main thing we see when we do consultations is people are very surprised on the cost of parties, events, and weddings. Everyone wants to stay on a budget and downsize their party, event and wedding. We hear the famous line all the time"We just want something small". Having something small on a budget still cost. There are always ways to save money but i try my best to give potential clients and clients a heads up on estimated price in each category. Before you contact a planner (hopefully it will be SE :) ) here are a few price ranges in each category. It's always great to save money, be on a budget but remember you get what you pay for! Plan ahead and on a realistic budget to get what you want!

Venues can be very costly, so depending on how many people you are inviting and expecting be prepared to pay! Depending on if you are having a party wedding, or event, make sure you plan accordingly what size you need, and what is included with venue. Most venues that include food, linens, tables & chairs will cost more. Especially for a wedding. Expect most places to be $2,500 or more. Some venues that don't include food, linens, tables and chairs and you are just renting the space can be $1,000 or less. If you are on a very small budget try community centers and upscale clubhouses that range from $100.00 or $500.00. Most venues require 50% deposits to hold the date so be prepared!

Catering is a very important part for a wedding, party or event. Many people are scaling down the amount of food they have or the type of food they have but remember it can still be costly. If you are having a small party or networking event, a great selection would be finger food such as sandwiches, fruit, cheese, crackers, and meatballs. Most smaller occasions your goal is not to provide heavy meals. Most caterers will provide finger food trays for $40.00 and up. If you have time and are creative you can put the trays together to save money. For weddings people choose buffet style or platted meals. Platted meals can get costly. Most caterers charge $65.00 & up per person depending on the food selections. Buffet style usually starts at $12.00 per person and most of the time your guest can go back for more! Remember whether the occasion is small or big, food cost!

We all love this part of the occasion but i hear it all the time: "wow that cake is expensive! Scale down your event or party with cupcakes or cake balls which most bakers can charge starting at $25.00 or more depending on how many you order. Many brides are deciding on cupcakes for their wedding or candy buffets which start at $4.50 per person. If you insist on a cake for your wedding, be realistic on how many people you are inviting so you won't have alot of cake leftover. Most bakers charge $3.00 per slice. Upscale cakes can range from $4.00 & up per slice which does not include decor for cake and delivery. Have a sweet tooth on a budget!

So many people don't realize the price for great music! A DJ that is diverse, has all the latest music,can communicate with your guest and have that great personality for your occasion will cost you. A professional DJ(not someone you know that does it for a hobby and don't have the right equipment) can start at $400.00 or more. They usually charge by how many hours they will have to be there, setup & take down. Most dj's also charge by the type of occasion. For weddings they can cost alittle more starting with $500.00 or more. Weddings involve more details such as type of songs for bride & groom, parents and other categories. If you want to go a cheaper route some people use ipods or radios with great sound systems(not recommended for a wedding). Who loves that live music? Many of us do and would love to have a band at our occasions but please realize the cost! Each band member has to get paid and bands can start at $1,000 or more. We love the sounds but make sure it's in your budget before you contact a band.

When you walk into an event, party or wedding, what is the first thing you notice and catches your attention? It's the decor. Remember you get what you pay for! There are so many price ranges for decor. Depending on your style and material and how big the occasion is you can spend hundreds of dollars. Hiring a decor company is the best way to go! Find a company that will fit your budget. Main expenses for decor are linens, which can start at $10.00 and up depending on your material and size. Centerpieces on tables can start at $25.00 and up, more costly items such as decor hanging from ceilings or props can range from $100.00 and up. If you have that niche or passion for decor and you can do it yourself that's great but remember the time and cost for material.

When people contact a planner most of the time they do not include a planner's fee in their budget!  If a person's budget is $20,000 and the planner is charging $5,000, remember you have $15,000 remaining in your budget! So many people feel they do not need planners for occasions but they are an essential part of the process! From timelines, budgeting, researching, vendor contacts,planning & coordinating, all these services can make or break your occasion. Most planners have so many different packages that can fit your needs from full coordination, partial, or day of. Depending on city and state most packages can range from $500.00or higher.

Everyone wants to capture those great memories in a professional way and not with a instant camera! For events and parties photographers usually charge flat fees or hourly depending on the occasion and what they have to capture. They can range from $300.00 or more. For weddings, packages are more involved which can start at $1,100 or more but includes more such as wedding, reception, & bridal portraits.

I hope this has helped you get an idea of the cost for your occasion, We all know while doing your research you can cut corners and have a cheaper budget but many people in today's society don't have a clue on cost for different vendors! Happy hunting to find professions that fit your needs!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enjoy The Engagement!

The popular months of wedding season is almost over but don't forget the fall and winter months where alot of people get engaged! Remember in the 80's & 90's when couples got engaged and they really took the time to plan their wedding the right way? They enjoyed their engagement with moving in together, learning and meeting more family members & friends, discovering more likes & dislikes, and marriage counseling. What happened in 2012? Everyone is in a rush. Do you hear about engagement parties or gatherings? No! Seems like you hear that a couple is engaged in Jan. and by sep they are married!

For couples dating and planning on getting engaged, enjoy the engagement process! It's different from being married and being boyfriend/girlfriend. This is the most important step before marriage! Take your time during this process and plan your wedding accordingly whether big or small. If you have to be engaged a year or more do it! It will be worth it and will save alot of people time from filing those divorce papers!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reality Check!

Planners we all know this is a busy season for us with weddings and events! The experience can be over whelming and exciting at the same time! How realistic are you in your consultation? We all know that brides and grooms are excited about their special day but realistically they have no clue how much things cost! They give you their budget and sometimes you are like whoa! Yes we all know that our goal is for clients to stay in their budget and still have their day turn out wonderful but planners need to also be realistic with potential clients on how much things cost in today's market for wedding items! There are always deals out there but you get what you pay for and it's 2012!

My advice to you planners is have a breakdown of each category and give them an estimate price of how much things will cost such as: venue, cake, dj, catering, limos, decor, invitations and many more! I have done this practice with many clients and it helps them be more prepared of the wedding industry and how much things cost!

Happy Wedding Season!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Budgeting-The Main Factor!

We all know when it comes to bills, lifestyles, parties & events we want it all! But the reality check comes in and we say: "I can't afford it!" Many times people can afford a lot of things if they put their mind to it and budget! As an event/wedding planner i see it everyday! People want extravagant parties, weddings, & events and they can't afford it! I tell my clients all the time you can have it but you trying to plan this in 2 months with this budget? They also get aggravated when they can't get what they want.

My biggest advice is be realistic with your financial budget in life! Wether it's your personal household, wedding, event or party. Reach for the stars and get what you want but it's call planning and organization. If you wan that extravagant 40th bday party with a 10,000 budget then start planning when you are 38! If you want a destination wedding and you know you can't afford those plane tickets and venue then plan 2 yrs ahead of time! Most of the time it's not how much money you make but how you budget your money! Rich people blow money everyday and sometimes they can be rich one day and broke the next. Please prioritize your responsibilities and if there are many things you want in life you don't have yet that should be your motivation to work hard to get it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Support Positive Events?

We all know events are very challenging to put together! Many people flock to parties, functions, and get togethers but what about the value and support for events? Many people say: i'm tired of the club or want to try something different, but do they really do it? Positive events explores the mind, great networking, learning different ideas and concepts, and also can surround you around a positive environment. Have you always wanted to try speed dating, go to a wine tasting, networking event or open mic? Support planners that work hard, step out the box, and give the public something different to do!

Think about it most events run 10-50.00, sometimes free! Sometimes i just don't understand the logic when someone goes to a club all the time. They spend money on their hair, nails, outfit, pay to get inside club, and also for drinks. After the night is over, the average amount spent is 50.00 or more. Not knocking clubs but come on if you are 30 or older you should not be in the club every week shaking your tail! lol. Even if you are under 30, a person should be able to explore their mind and try something different.

Please support planners, promoters, and organizations that continue to put on positive events and give back to the community. Trust me it will be worth your time and money!

Check out Selections Entertainment latest upcoming event:
Stimulate Your Mind Literature & Open Mic Expo
Sat March 31, 2012 One Renaissance Centre
Doors open @ 3pm, showtime 4-7pm
Great vendors, food, speakers, giveaway bags & live entertainment
Get your tickets! 15.00 adv. 20.00 at the door

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wedding Colors For 2012!

Each year the buzz is always going around about the latest trend colors for weddings. Brides always want to stay updated and know what is "in" if they are getting married! This year many colors are going back to the 80's with bright colors! They say history repeats! Look out for bright bold colors such as pink, blue and yellow. Many brides will use these colors for destination weddings, and step out the box theme weddings.

Other colors this year are for brides who want a more sophisticated look with darker and dull colors such as pear green,gold, brown, and tangerine. Brides are also stepping out the box and pairing up colors that will normally not match or people wouldn't think of putting together such as chocolate brown with bright colors.

2012 is looking very bright! Best wishes with all brides and their wedding and marriage for 2012! Contact Selections Entertainment for all your planning & coordination needs!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Businesses To Look Out For In 2012 & Years To Come!

Happy New Years to business owners and clients! Wishing you the best in 2012 and more years to come. Business owners work very hard to stay busy and stay in business year after year especially small and new business owners. We all know that famous survival rate of 5yrs! Some people have what it takes to continue to run a business, only the strong survives! Survival includes: professionalism, great customer service, products, communication, creativity, and being positive! Below are small businesses to look out for in 2012 and in the the future! Some have just started and some have been in business for a few years! Remember this article and then you will say: She was right, their business is booming! I'm going to say: I told you so! lol Check out their bio, services, and contact information. Support these businesses and be part of the rise!

FabulousTransformations, Inc.
A company dedicated to changing the lives of men and women in the areas of health, beauty and weight loss.The mission of this company is to offer the gift of health and beauty to all persons who are seeking to lose weight, detox their body, and/or get healthy. Our overall vision is to change the lives of people everywhere, offering the chance to be healthy and confident in the most safe and encouraging ways possible. We are here to assist those in search of coaching guidance with our numerous support services and networks. Our goal is to provide a reliable yet easy and convenient weight loss program. A program that networks with others in order to over come challenges and plateaus during a weight loss journey. We are passionate about health and beauty, weight-loss and maintenance and everything that will elevate a person's self image.  We understand the mental and physical torments of low self-worth and low self esteem and we will provide an experience that will show our consumers that they are priceless.   

Visit our website today to make that change:

T & C Management Co.
T&C Management Company is a North Carolina based business management company with a diversified portfolio of interests. The firm has a combined 25 plus years of experience in business management, professional Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Financial Modeling, Strategic Planning, Technical Solutions (IT), and Marketing Development. T&C Management's interests advocates services that profit local and regional economies. The company's mission is to serve the community by providing professional business services, free financial education and a trusted reputation for on-time delivery of products and services.
T&C Management Company operates within three independent businesses that service the community.  These businesses include Colbert/Ball Tax Service, the T&C business model and Legal Shield. T&C Management Company wants to empower our community and customers with financial benefits that will benefit the economy.  We are a trusted company that looks out for others.  Our mission is to serve the community by providing professional business services, free financial education and a trusted reputation for on-time delivery of products and services.  For our investors we want to ensure that they receive their return on investment on-time and as expected.  For business owners we want them to be successful in the marketing and advertising endeavors.  And for our customers, who we truly value, we want them to be extremely satisfied and empowered by our services. 
Robert Allen
Sales/Marketing Director
T&C Management Company & Colbert/Ball Tax Service
2400 Freeman Mill Rd. Suite 101M
Greensboro, NC 27406

Sparking Affairs By Monique,LLC
Monique Hutcheson is the owner and lead planner at Sparkling Affairs by Monique, llc, weddings and special events consulting and designing firm, as well as co-founder of Tar Heel Connections. She is a motivated, personable business professional with a successful track record of profitable small business ownership. She attributes her success to her putting God first, her family and then her passion (event planning). Her goal is to provide a personal one on one service, tailored to take the stress out of planning any wedding or special event! Her mission is to assist her clients in creating the wedding or special event of their dreams without breaking the bank!!! “She believe that fabulous can be achieved on any budget and she insists that her clients Relax and Leave the DETAILS to Her!!!!!

Contact Monique and her Sparkle Team Today at 919.264.8805
Fax# 919.803.30508
PO Box 40993 Raleigh NC, 27629
Email Address:

Lor'e-jac Jewlery
"U-NEEK Custom Design and Costume Jewelry for the "STAND UP-STAND OUT INOVATIVE Woman." lor'e-jac (pronounce lora jack) was born after bored attempts to satisfy my unique  jewelry needs.  With a few scraps of leather, adornment of mystik materials i.e. glass, plastic flowers, wood, chain, and feathers: lor'e-jac was birthed March 1st, 2009 (made official October  3rd 2009). I strive to exceed the normal department store, costume jewelry,  and other designers presentation of jewelry art, ATTRACTING THE LADY THAT DESIRE TO BE THE FIRST AND THE ONLY ONE ROCKIN select pieces of jewelry-crafted earrings, necklaces, cuffs, bracelets and rings of any material that's safe and risque. Success  FOR lor'e-jac - Joyce (J.J.) -- self employed, REPEAT  SATISFIED CLIENTS,  and INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION.

Joyce Loures-Jackson/Designer/Owner
678 779 9168

Rated Lex
Lex Black is a freelance writer and creator of, a blog where she encourages her readers to live Smart, Sexy and Edgy. She can be reached on Twitter (@RatedLEX) and via email at lex (AT)

Alegna Media Designs 
Alegna Media Designs was birthed in 2009 from a hobby once done to simply pass the time but my how things have changed.  AMD’s sole designer, AJ Wesley has always had an interest in the creative arts and this is just another extension of that desire to create. AMD is a small scale freelance design business based in Raleigh, NC that specializes in photo collages, logo, flyer, business card and many printed media forms. If we haven’t designed it, we are willing to give it a try. While completely self taught, AMD strives to provide a quality and professional customer service experience while also providing a down to earth and budget friendly avenue to creating your finished project. Come grow with us…

You may reach AMD via email for an initial project consultation at Also find and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Business Mogul
William Lee is a graphic designer, entrepreneur, soon to be author and most of all a businessman. Business Mogul has designed for multiple companies, speakers, authors, celebrities and small businesses. He also made front cover of the Genesis Magazine with his name on the front and having a 250-300 word page article about his past, how he came about, and his desired future. In the summer of 2012, William will be releasing his very first book. The book will be about his past, how far he's came in life and where he's headed in life. This book will inspire and motivate young adults to look beyond their mistakes and fulfill their life's purpose. William honestly believes that people will love this book and it will change the lives of many. To learn more about this book and all of Mr. Lee's upcoming projects, you can follow him on twitter at: @BusinessMogulWL or add on Facebook: Business Mogul William Lee.

Cakes Unlimited By Benisha
Cakes Unlimited by Benisha was officially launched in the spring of 2007.  Cakes Unlimited by Benisha specializes in scratch made desserts. They bake and decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. from birthdays down to weddings.  All products are baked fresh and  use the best quality ingredients in all products. All cakes are baked from my home kitchen which has been inspected and approved by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food and Drug Protection Division. It is my goal to make sure that my customers are completely satisfied with their order. At Cakes Unlimited by Benisha, you will get the best customer service with your order along with a moist and delicious product that you will not get off your local grocery store shelf. My cakes are given individualized attention to make your cake a work of "customized edible art".

Our company has a customized website and Facebook page that showcases everything from pricing, flavor information, as well as pictures available.  Our website is  We can be reached via phone at (919) 257-0215 or through email  (