Friday, November 9, 2012

Savings For The Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching! Are you still stuck trying to plan that christmas or new years party? Here are some tips to save money and not over spend!

  • Don't want to over spend on a venue? Rent a clubhouse, community center, a friend's home or your home. You will save alot of money compared to hotels, ballrooms, and upscale venues.
  • Provide heavy hor'devours or finger food for catering. Most of the time at holiday parties or events, people are networking and mingling so those types of food would be great.
  • Provide beer and wine only instead of liquor. You will save alot of money! Depending on the theme for the party or event you can also ask people to bring their favorite bottle of wine or liquor.
  • For decor keep it simple! Stick to holiday colors and candles!
  • For invitations send out emails or use evite! It will save you alot of money!
Those are a few tips to make your holiday/party run smooth and to save money!

Happy Holidays!

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