Thursday, August 6, 2020

Covid Times!

Where do I start with the wedding and event industry pertaining to covid! It's like a slow spiral going down! If  you are a business owner or in this industry, you can relate!Back in January I started hearing all this talk about covid in other countries and many people getting sick. I didn't think anything of it because they were in foreign countries and i thought"The U.S. should be fine.  That virus is not coming over here!" Then in February the first case came to NY. I still thought the virus would be under control. Then mid to late February many people started passing away and several celebrities also made the news on contracting the virus! Next thing I know we are in phase one of a mandatory shut down! You know what that meant for the event and wedding industry! CANCELLATIONS & POSTPONEMENTS! During this time i had few rental orders because it was the end of the winter going into spring but this is the time that things pick up because people are ordering rentals for spring, summer and the following year.

In Several wedding groups, business owners were freaking out! From venue owners, caterers, to photographers everyone was asking those famous questions: How are you handling your cancellation policies? How are you handling rescheduling? How are you handling refunds? Are you worried about your reputation for your business? What are the rules for venues and spacing for a wedding or event? These same questions kept on circling over and over! Many opinions, many suggestions, but overall everyone has to do what pertains to their business.

Then you had George Floyd! Racial issues & Inequality!(Which by the way is still going on and we continue to fight!) Many business owners were on eggshells of race issues in the event and wedding industry. Are African American business owners treated fairly? So many emotions so many opinions and wanting justice!

Covid and all the issues going on in this world is a time for reflection, learning, sacrifice, change and understanding. I am still asking myself: How do i bounce back with Selectionsent Org.? Losing clients, zero income and many more issues! So many businesses taking out loans, robbing peter to pay paul and shutting down permanently! When will it stop ? Even though I have all these questions and thoughts going on I still remain optimistic and I keep pushing and going. Is it easy? No! I constantly remind myself why I started this business and that's what keeps me going. Business owner take this down time for reflection (God sees and hears you!), meditation and revamping your business! How can you improve? How can you create new services or products? Do you need to edit, takeaway or add on? Do you need a makeover or change for your business?

Always remember never give up! Do things differently, give yourself down town, pray, have faith and believe! I know what you are going through my fellow business owners and event and wedding industry! Always remember this is not permanent, this is temporary, use your time wisely!

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