Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Economical Bartending Services In Raleigh, NC

We all know bartending services really sets the tone for a great special ocassion! Whether a nice wine selection, cocktail or beer beverage is served, guests are looking to have a great time! Hire professional bartenders to leave all your worries behind! Professional bartenders have the experience with portion control, when to serve, when not to serve, creative with drink options to fit your special ocassion,and they provide a professional atmosphere!

Contact Selections Entertainment today for professional bartending services! We provide great economical prices and service!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Business Spotlight!

Having a wedding, event, party, social gathering or meeting and you are looking for a different style and taste for desserts? Tired of the old sheet cake look? Sweet Synergy is the company for the step out the box desserts! They specialize in cake truffles and stuffed cookies. These items are also great for wedding and party favors and also if a client wants something different other than a cake. Check them out at