Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reality Check!

Planners we all know this is a busy season for us with weddings and events! The experience can be over whelming and exciting at the same time! How realistic are you in your consultation? We all know that brides and grooms are excited about their special day but realistically they have no clue how much things cost! They give you their budget and sometimes you are like whoa! Yes we all know that our goal is for clients to stay in their budget and still have their day turn out wonderful but planners need to also be realistic with potential clients on how much things cost in today's market for wedding items! There are always deals out there but you get what you pay for and it's 2012!

My advice to you planners is have a breakdown of each category and give them an estimate price of how much things will cost such as: venue, cake, dj, catering, limos, decor, invitations and many more! I have done this practice with many clients and it helps them be more prepared of the wedding industry and how much things cost!

Happy Wedding Season!

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