Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Don't Rush The Process!

Once thanksgiving comes around the corner, engagement season starts! What happens next? You see a ton of wedding planners, photographers and other wedding business owners flooding your emails and timelines with promotions of discounts for their services. They are lurking social media watching to see who got engaged. They are like vultures! Brides are overwhelm with the questions of did you set a date, what are your colors, do you have a planner? The list goes on and on!

Engaged couples, please take the moment to enjoy the engagement process! Yes you will get a lot of wedding vendors who will contact you but enjoy the moment and take it all in! Many people don't enjoy the engagement process and they rush with planning and get overwhelmed! Wedding vendors let engaged couples enjoy the moment and take your time with promotions and pushing your services. A a business owner I understand you want to get a head start with promoting your business but it can get overwhelming looking on the other side as a bride or groom.

Happy Holidays & Enjoy the moment!

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