Friday, December 7, 2012

Selections Entertainment Favorite Businesses

What is Oprah Winfrey known for around the holidays? Her favorite things list! Well SE has created our list but it's our favorite businesses! Below please read and support our favorite businesses! They are professional, great customer service, and provide great services and products. 

FabulousTransformations, Inc.
A company dedicated to changing the lives of men and women in the areas of health, beauty and weight loss. The mission of this company is to offer the gift of health and beauty to all persons who are seeking to lose weight, detox their body, and/or get healthy. What SE loves about this company is they are very supportive, always have products in stock and their events are very positive towards self image and supporting other businesses!
Want to lose weight the right way? No gimmicks or side effects! Do it the professional way!
 Cakes Unlimited By Benisha
Cakes Unlimited by Benisha specializes in scratch made desserts. They bake and decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc. from birthdays down to weddings.  All products are baked fresh and use the best quality ingredients in all products.  Cakes are given individualized attention to make your cake a work of "customized edible art". SE loves their professional consultations and how they take the time to cater to customers. From cake pops to a five tier wedding cake, they do it all. Support!
 Creative Touch Designs
David Tutera Who? This company has amazing décor that you dream of! You make the vision, they make it come true. From live flowers, to fancy vases, crystals, variety of colors and many more, they will make your event, party, or wedding look like it came out of a magazine! This professional company also has a great upscale office for professional consultations! Their materials for rentals are awesome! There are many planners & decorators out there who say they can execute the work but Creative Touch Designs shows and proves it 100%!  Visit their website and see the vision!
Good Scents Oils- Renee Sessoms
Wonderful smells for body care and candles, this is the company to visit. This up and coming business is everywhere! From networking events, to vendor shows their marketing and advertising skills will make you want to purchase! SE loves their support and how they expand! Everyone wants to smell good for their self and that special someone! They continue to expand, watch out for them!
Amber Creative Studio
Do you really want a clean professional brand for your business? This company is fast paced, creative, to the point and can do it all. From websites, to business cards, invitations, flyers, promotional items and many more they can do it! That famous saying: “You get what you pay for” is so true! It’s worth it! SE is a living witness. This company is our personal designer check out our website:! Plan ahead they have a high volume of clients and stay busy!
Oprah Winfrey Network
SE loves the small businesses and we are big supporters but we also admire and look up to successful large businesses and corporations who have worked from the ground up to become successful. What can we say about Oprah! She has been popular since the late 80’s with her talk show, giving back to so many, magazine and now she took it a step further with her networking station. Many doubted and were so use to her talk show but she took a chance and kept many people employed with her network station. Her business savvy and great ideas keeps SE inspired to keep pushing. Her network consists of positive programs and ideas. This network is totally an inspiration and shows your business can be very small and turn nationwide. Keep up the great work Oprah!
 Tamara Hedgepeth Wedding Designs
Can I say professional across the border?  From creative ideas to theme parties and weddings, this company rocks! Do you want a wedding that is not traditional or décor that you look at and say: “Hey! Where did they get that from?” This is the business to contact. From start to finish they will cater to your special occasion!
Tyler Perry Studios
Last but not least, Tyler Perry studios! He is the pure definition of not giving up! From childhood challenges to more challenges with people not believing in his dreams, he did not give up! He fought hard for his plays for years and he has expanded to so much more! SE loves Mr. Perry creativity, how he takes care of his employees, his many movies, and sitcoms and he is also working on his own network! To know Mr. Perry is to love him and not give up! Tyler slogan at his studio is what he represents: “A Place Where Dreams Believe”

*These businesses are professional across the boarder with business cards, websites, great customer services, branding, and they know their target market & clientele. They are in it to win it and SE wishes them continued success! You deserve it!

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