Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Budgeting-The Main Factor!

We all know when it comes to bills, lifestyles, parties & events we want it all! But the reality check comes in and we say: "I can't afford it!" Many times people can afford a lot of things if they put their mind to it and budget! As an event/wedding planner i see it everyday! People want extravagant parties, weddings, & events and they can't afford it! I tell my clients all the time you can have it but you trying to plan this in 2 months with this budget? They also get aggravated when they can't get what they want.

My biggest advice is be realistic with your financial budget in life! Wether it's your personal household, wedding, event or party. Reach for the stars and get what you want but it's call planning and organization. If you wan that extravagant 40th bday party with a 10,000 budget then start planning when you are 38! If you want a destination wedding and you know you can't afford those plane tickets and venue then plan 2 yrs ahead of time! Most of the time it's not how much money you make but how you budget your money! Rich people blow money everyday and sometimes they can be rich one day and broke the next. Please prioritize your responsibilities and if there are many things you want in life you don't have yet that should be your motivation to work hard to get it!


  1. The Budget is the important thing to plan for your wedding. There are certain problems have to face in your wedding budget while you planning. Now a days,there certain things available to plan a budget using like the calculator, wedding app and wedding planner etc.

  2. Thanks for responding! You are correct. If people don't follow the budget correctly or apps correctly they will be in trouble!