Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Support Positive Events?

We all know events are very challenging to put together! Many people flock to parties, functions, and get togethers but what about the value and support for events? Many people say: i'm tired of the club or want to try something different, but do they really do it? Positive events explores the mind, great networking, learning different ideas and concepts, and also can surround you around a positive environment. Have you always wanted to try speed dating, go to a wine tasting, networking event or open mic? Support planners that work hard, step out the box, and give the public something different to do!

Think about it most events run 10-50.00, sometimes free! Sometimes i just don't understand the logic when someone goes to a club all the time. They spend money on their hair, nails, outfit, pay to get inside club, and also for drinks. After the night is over, the average amount spent is 50.00 or more. Not knocking clubs but come on if you are 30 or older you should not be in the club every week shaking your tail! lol. Even if you are under 30, a person should be able to explore their mind and try something different.

Please support planners, promoters, and organizations that continue to put on positive events and give back to the community. Trust me it will be worth your time and money!

Check out Selections Entertainment latest upcoming event:
Stimulate Your Mind Literature & Open Mic Expo
Sat March 31, 2012 One Renaissance Centre
Doors open @ 3pm, showtime 4-7pm
Great vendors, food, speakers, giveaway bags & live entertainment
Get your tickets! 15.00 adv. 20.00 at the door www.selectionsent.com

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