Tuesday, November 19, 2013


2014 is fast approaching and you think you have alot of time for your special occasion? Think again! There were many proposals in 2013 and we are not finished yet! We still have to go through thanksgiving, christmas and new years! 2014 will be the year for weddings! Here are some tips if you are planning for your special day!

1. Don't wait until the engagement to save! If you and your partner are in a very serious committed relationship and engagement is around the corner in the near future, save before the engagement! This will relieve alot of stress dealing with your planning when it comes to deposits for your vendors. Sometimes it can be stressing starting from scratch to save while you are engaged.

2. Enjoy your engagement but have that open communication with your partner on locking and setting a date for your wedding. Dates get filled up fast for venues, caterers, bakers etc...

3. Before you hire a planner. Do your research on the entire wedding industry! Start with checking prices on wedding planners all the way to invitations! This will help you get an estimated budget for your entire wedding! I cannot stress to you how much people go into getting married blindsided and they don't know the average cost. Even when people use that favorite line: I just want something small and simple, it still costs and add up!

4. Yes you do need a wedding planner! I can probably write a book on how many times i hear brides say they don't need a planner and their wedding ends up in shambles! Selections Ent. is a one stop shop and sometimes we are at a wedding as a caterer and not the planner. A planner is not on site and the bride and other family members are trying to coordinate everything. What a site to see! You know the rest! Always remember wedding planners have different packages to fit your budget.

5. Before you make your final decision on your vendors, do your research. Not only for  their pricing but their professionalism, clientele tracking, customer service and branding! This is your special day and you want the best. Take full advantage if the vendor has free consultations or open houses. This will also help you with making your decision. Your one on one time and direct contact will help you make your decision.

6. Be realistic with your budget! Sometimes less is better! I think sometimes brides feel that they have to have things over the top and very big and most of the time that is not the case. Staying within your budget can still create a great wedding!

7. Remember you get what you pay for! Saving money and budgeting is an essential part of the planning process but remember cheap is not always better!

8. Get a head start and attend bridal expos and seminars ahead of time. 1 year to 6 months is great!

Happy Planning!

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