Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Linens, How do I choose?

Vday is coming up, people will celebrate many birthdays, graduations and of coarse wedding season is here! With all the headache of finding venues, bakers, caterers and photographers, another added stress is matching linens for your special occasion. Where do i start? What material, size and color should i get? What size are the tables? What kind of decor should i have on the tables?

To make this a smoother ride here are some tips from Selections Entertainment:
  • Finalize your colors. If you keep on switching colors it will be harder to find, match, and finalize.
  • Finalize your venue and how many guest you are expecting, this will determine how many tables and chairs you need.
  • Decide on what type of linen you want for your special occasion! What type of venue are you using? What type of special occasion are you celebrating? Is it a upscale wedding, birthday party, etc..? This will determine the material linen for your occasion.
  • Plan your budget! Start researching rental companies to see what your price will be for the amount of linens you need and also if you need chair covers, sashes, and runners. There are so many different types of materials from polyester to lamour satin. One of the biggest mistake people make is leaving rentals to the last minute and not realizing the expense for it. Plan ahead!
  • Also visit rental companies to check if the right colors match. If your wedding colors are red and white, you want to make sure the right red matches with your other decor you are using for your wedding. You don't want to go to the rental company the day before and they give you cranberry red, and your color is apple red.Total disaster! Also check out the material. Some polyester or satin linens can look different than you visualize.
  • Also think about your decor and food you will put on table. Does it match the color and material?
  • Know your size for tables! I get so many request and inquiries about linens and people don't know the size of the table or the style they want! Do you want linens to drop to the floor, midway?
Hope these tips help you for linens and other rental materials! Contact us today for your rental needs! 

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