Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Planning Vs. Coordination

Business owners are you ready for more business and consultations for the 2015-2016 wedding/event season? Clients are you engaged or planning a party or event? Well this article is for you! Many people use the terms: planning, coordination, organization, timelines, etc... Do you know the difference with these words and the type of services you are looking for ? Let Selections Entertainment help you out!

Planning: Many people misinterpret wedding and event planning with other terminologies such as coordination. Planning  is more detailed, more work and more structure. Potential clients will contact us and say they need a coordinator but they really need a planner. Planners are usually starting from the beginning or taking over where you left off. Planners are the creators when it comes to budgets, themes, decor, colors, style, structure,  and organization. They are the front line of your special day, event, meeting or party and also there to the end.

Coordination: Coordination is putting the final pieces together. Most coordinators will coordinate and dictate the day of the special occasion or a few days before. They are usually not assisting from day one when you start the planning process. Their main duty and focus is to make sure that special day is executed in a timely and professional matter.

Hope this helps you out when you contact a planner or coordinator. Whichever one you choose, just know that they both are important to hire and book on your special day!


  1. Hey before reading your post I was also confused in both these words. I used the words event coordinator and event planner interchangeably. Well thanks for explaining this differentiation, it cleared both term to me.