Thursday, May 29, 2014

Catering Vs Cake

Happy wedding season! Wedding vendors i'm sure you are very busy right now but I hope you take the time to read this blog! Also brides and future brides! As a caterer, consultations are very detailed and I try to cover as many details as possible. What I notice in many consultations many clients feel the cake is the responsibility for the caterer. I'm sad to announce it's not. Sorry! Here are some of the assumptions people think happens at the wedding reception and sometimes events and parties:

1. Caterer assist baker with delivery & setup cake
2. Caterer provides cake knife, plates, napkins, & utensils for cake
3. Caterer cuts cake & serve
4. Caterer boxes up cake and responsible for cake at end of reception

Here are the correct details pertaining to the cake and catering:

1. Most caterers do not assist bakers with delivery of cake and setting up. This is a big liability to the caterer.
2. Most caterers do not supply cake knife, plates, napkins, & utensils for cake unless they charge a separate fee to the client

3.  Caterers deal with food and the cake comes from a baker. Some caterers charge clients to cut the cake and serve.  The fee is for a professional to cut a wedding cake and the time it takes to serve
4. Caterers are responsible for cleaning up their area pertaining to food. The cake is in a separate area and most of the time the wedding coordinator is responsible for packing up the cake and baker provides a cake box

It is important caterers  and bakers go over details on responsibilities for food and cake. Wedding planners are also important to have for your special occasion. Knowledge is power! Happy planning!

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