Monday, February 2, 2015

Inquiries & Price Shoppers

Wedding season is fast approaching! Jan & Feb are the months for price shopping and email inquiries! This is the time to really sell your business and book the right clients. Right now business owners are receiving the popular questions as: How much? Are you available for this specific date? Website? Location? Rules/Regulations/Contracts/Payment Plans? It is very important to have your business ready. Sometimes you only get one chance or opportunity and you have to make the best of it. Your email response, consultation, and customer service can make or break the deal! Here are tips for this high volume time for inquiries and price shoppers:

  • Make sure your website, contact information, content on website, pricing, and service and product information are updated. Also updated on business cards. When potential clients are shopping, they want consistent and immediate answers. If they don't see it or receive it, they will move on to the next business.
  • Respond to emails or phone call within 24hrs! People say 24-48 hrs, i say 24hrs! You know how many other businesses they contact in 48hrs? You can lose the sale! Don't make the excuse i was busy doing this and that. Your potential  client can be your next client! One of the biggest compliments i receive for Selections Entertainment is my timely manner of getting back to them. Trust me, people remember that!
  • Proper customer service. It is so important how you speak and react to a client. That sets the t for eoneverything. You can even tell a business owner tone on how they respond to an email.
I hope these tips will help you with your transitioning of inquiries to booked clients!

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