Thursday, May 21, 2015

Supporting Small Businesses, A Must Needed Push!

We all love the big chain stores such as walmart, target, mcdonald's and many more. When we see their logo we automatically know their services and products and we are ready to spend! Even sometimes when we don't have the money we still go inside to look around and we end up purchasing an item or service!

Small businesses need your help, support and assistance! There are so many professional and talented small businesses out there. Many small businesses just needs that extra push and support to get a bigger audience! Most of our prices are economical or lower than the bigger businesses. Sometimes we have to work 200% harder just to make the sale because people don't believe in us or take the business serious or we have to run miles, jump through hoops to make a sale. One major obstacle small businesses run into is finances! We struggle to obtain grants, loans, clientele, investors, and partners. If you see a professional business owner working very hard and being consistent with quality work and services, please support.

Selections Entertainment is working hard to make our next goal and dream come true. We are on a hard working journey to raise money to obtain our venue! The venue is more than SE! We want to expand our Open Heart Giving Program and create a food and clothing pantry where families and individuals in need can come to the venue for food and clothing. We also would use the venue to expand our seminars and workshops to small business owners.

We currently have two projects going on to raise money.
Go fund me: Any dollar amount will help! We thank you for your support!

Chase Main Street Grant. We need 250 votes to get to the next level! Help us achieve that goal at

Thank you for all your love and support!
Michelle Ifill

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