Friday, May 1, 2015

Economical Prices For Catering!

You have your budget, and venue, the next step is catering! This can be a big task. We all know food is costly but there are many caterers out there who can make your special day come true with great food! Here are tips to what to look for pertaining to great savings!

  • Look For Caterers who provide packages! Most of the time if you are getting married or having a big event or party, you are better off getting a package from your caterer instead of many ala carte services! They can add up! Packages will fit your needs and provide you with everything you need so you don't have to outsource a lot of items such as rentals. Popular items in catering packages are: plates, utensils, glassware,napkins, and servers.
  • Choose Buffet Style! This method will save you tons of money with servers and time! Trust me, you will see the difference with your bill verses a platted meal!
  • Select a caterer that provides economical payment plans! This will make your life so much easier. If you can plan and map out how much you have to pay, that will assist you with your budget for the entire special occasion.
  • Slash food items! Many people feel they have to have a thanksgiving meal at their special occasion! That is not true! Popular selections are one or two meats, vegetable, salad, and a side item. Remember you want your guests to have a great experience but at the end of the day, YOU are paying for it! My favorite motto: "If they are still hungry when they leave your special occasion, McDonald's is always open".
We hope these tips will help you to select your caterer. Please check out our full catering menu at: We provide free consultations and have great economical prices! 

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