Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Selecting Your Venue!

We all know the engagement process can be overwhelming and one of the toughest decisions to make is selecting a venue! Selecting a venue can be very costly and time consuming. Here are some tips to consider when you are selecting a venue:

  • Make a decision on your wedding date in a timely manner. Venues are booked a year in advance for most couples and sometimes two years in advance! You wouldn't want your favorite venue to be booked
  • Research, Research, Research! It is so important to do your research on venues before you visit them and make your selection. Check for pricing, spacing and your overall image
  • Setting the tone for your budget! Your venue and catering is the most expensive categories for your wedding. You may have a budget for 15,000 and your favorite venue may cost 6,000! Your venue search will set the tone for the start of your budget!
  • Selecting a venue will also help you make a decision for your guest count. If you select a venue that seats 150 max then you know you can't invite 200 people
  • The first step is researching but the next big step is to visit venue so you can get a better vision
  • Selecting your venue will also finalize your overall vision and color scheme
  • Consider what the venue has to offer and if it fits your needs such as tables, chairs, bartending, catering rules and regulations,hanging decor on walls and ceilings, and hours you have the venue
  • Consider what type of payment plans the venue has, this will help you tremendously with your budget process 
Remember your venue selection sets the tone for planning your wedding! Happy planning! Contact SE for all your planning needs! Visit us at

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