Monday, August 24, 2015

Emergency Kits For Events & Parties!

Many people concentrate on emergency kits for weddings, but what about for events and parties? Some items are similar, but here are items that should be in your emergency kit for an event or party.

  • Breath Mints or gum
  • Flip flops or comfortable shoes
  • Headache medicine and or first aid kit
  • Makeup bag filled with all of your essentials
  • Extra party favors or giveaway bags just incase a few extra guests show up
  • Bottled water just incase you can't get to the catering table
  • Cash just in case you have to run to the store for extra supplies
  • Full list of vendors such as baker, photographer, baker, planner just incase something goes wrong
  • Thread & Needle Just incase that party dress goes haywire
  • Comb/Brush/ Beauty Supplies

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