Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Support Local Talent

I'm sure many of you have heard the buzz of my upcoming event: Praises Go Up & Blessings Come Down Gospel Fest. One of the main purpose of creating this event was for people to celebrate many spiritual religions , help others in need such as Proud Fight, helping kids with the cure & treatment of cancer and Shaw University students from the tornado storm. My vision was also to help spread the word of local talent. What puzzled me the most is when i first advertised the gospel fest. The main question people asked was: who is the main act? They were looking for Kirk Franklin & Mary Mary. I was shocked! I know celebrities play a big role at events and parties and i'm not knocking celebrities but local talents are awesome and they have a silent word when it comes to the public. Local talent also don't receive the support like they should. My answer to that question was: all the performers and models in the gospel fest are the main act! Remember most celebrities performed at local bars, lounges and clubs for years before they got discovered!

Please come out June 4th for gospel fest and support local talent for a great cause.Great talent and vendors will be there! for more info on tickets.

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