Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where Is Your Growth?

Hello to all my people that are 30 & up! I'm sure many of you have had this conversation with friends, family, and your mate! What were you doing at age 18,21 & 25? Were you clubbing alot, dating multiple people, drinking alot or just didn't have a care in the world at that age? Then the next question comes: are you still doing the same things at the age of 30, 35, 40 or older?

I have came in contact with so many people and have observed people 30 & up and i hate to say it but it's sad that alot of people 30 & up are still doing the same things or sometimes worse in their current life. Where is your growth? Alot of times it's not about materialistic things such as a car, house, or owning a business(eventhough that plays a part in growth but shouldn't be the main focus). Did you grow and become more mature? Are you learning new things such as traveling to different places, meeting different people, learning different cultures, persuing your education, are you more mature and have learned from your mistakes? If you look at your life now and you are doing the exact things you were doing 5,10,15 years ago, you have a serious problem! You really need to evaluate your life. Set small and big goals! As you age, growth is suppose to become more positive!

As an event planner i constantly do surveys to see how people would like to be entertained in their area. For some reason there seems to be a lot of contradiction going on. I cater to the older crowd and they constantly tell me they want to see the wine tastings, art shows, speed dating, nice lounges & bars(not clubs), relationships forums etc... but when i provide those type of events they don't show up and when i see them again they will strike up a conversation about the experience they had when they wen to the club! Remember people always explore and try different things! Try events, travel, and always meet new and positive people! Continue to prepare for your future! Remember you are not going to be 21 for the rest of your life and think about how you will look breaking your neck to go to the club every week with a bunch of 21 & 25 yr olds!

Plan for the future, continue to enjoy life, and remember if you are 30 & up you are venturing into another part of your life you will enjoy!

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  1. I get the same thing as well, trying to offer live music to an audience that desires it, but does not respond due to maybe venue, or cost. It is almost a catch 22. But I will continue to offer quality entertainment and hopefully folks will come out. If they don't I won't allow that to distract me from my goal! Keep up the awesome work.