Friday, September 9, 2011

The Small Task Mean Alot!

Hello future brides! I'm sure whether you have a planner or not, there are many task to do and plan!  Sometimes the smallest and tedious task get overlooked but they mean alot for yourself and guest attending your wedding.  The wedding party looks at their task and say: I can get it done later, and what happens? They forget or they rush and do it at the last minute and sometimes the task is not done correctly. Here are a few task that are overlooked or completed at the last minute:

Wedding Invitations- Sometimes the wedding party doesn't send them out on time
Wedding Favors- deciding at the last minute of your wedding favor selection and putting together
Thank You Cards- Some wedding parties take forever to send out cards or never send them out! Not a good thing to do! Be thankful and bless people took the time to come to your wedding and give you a gift!
Table Seating-This task ties into being consistent and having a deadline for your guest to return invitation so you can comfortably seat people in the right area

I hope you enjoy these tips and remember the small task means alot!

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