Monday, April 18, 2011

What's New?

As you all know SE is always full of surprises! We are always keeping you on the edge and giving you different events. With so much going on here is a list of upcoming events.

1. For The Love of Mom Mother's Day Gift Baskets-Want to give your mom, aunt, cousin, sister, family member or friend something different for mother's day? SE is here to provide you with that.  Great items such as strawberries & chocolate, candles, & bath salts. Go to for prices. Orders are accepted April 1-May 6

2. Praises Go Up & Blessings Come Down Gospel Fest- Join this great event June 4th as we celebrate gospel music. Selections Ent. is still looking for vendors, sponsors, and advertisers. Go to to view our packages.

3. Open Heart Giving Summertime & Shaw University- Selections Ent. started open heart giving in 2009 by founders Michellle Ifill & the late Jachosia Ray. The purpose of this program is to give back to the community. Open your heart and give! We currently have open heart giving summertime where we are looking for families to have a great summer day at the marble museum in raleigh, nc. A devastating tornado ripped through Raleigh, NC and affected many areas. One area was Shaw University. W are currently accepting monetary, food & clothing donations April 18-Aug1. Donate now at or contact SE at regarding food & clothing donations.

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