Monday, April 4, 2016

Letter To Professional Small Business Owners

Dear Professional Small Business Owners:

 This topic has been on my mind for awhile and God spoke to me to write you a letter. This is an area we have all been through, and still going through. It's the topic and area of not giving up no matter how it looks. I write to you today to say, stay strong! I know 2 yrs have passed, 5 yrs have passed, 7 yrs have passed and 10 yrs have passed and you still don't see the results! Sometimes it feels like things are getting worse instead of better! What happened to the myth of: After your 5th year things are smooth sailing! My answer to that is sometimes people get their breakthrough under 5 years but the reality is you have to keep pushing. It takes continuous hard work and determination! It's all about revamping, re branding and analyze what you can do for your business.

Let's get into the experiences we go through on a regular basis! This letter is not me being mad, blaming people of the results of my life or getting revenge, it's my testimony of what i go through on a regular basis as a professional , to help others and i know other professional small business owners can relate to the experiences, emotions and feelings. How do you go on when the phone doesn't ring for your services or products, the emails are far and few, you work hard on a consultation and they don't book you or sometimes don't show up? They want to nickel and dime you? Family and friends tell you to shut everything down and get a job, people don't take the time to learn your business, they don't read your about us section on your website or they don't even bother to visit your website, their budget is lower than expected but they will break their neck to patronize a bigger business or a business that charges more or has horrible customer service, you have sales, specials, deals, events, open houses, blog, promote on social media, write newsletters, give products or services away for free, have referral programs, participate in expos and vendor events, attend networking events and give away business cards. Are you feeling me? Can you relate or do i need to continue? lol. I'm sure right now you are shouting and saying yes, yes, yes i can relate! I wanted to list all the experiences because yes we are all going through this but again i say don't give up! Your experiences are making you stronger, you are going through everything for a reason!

Another reason i wrote this letter because so many people, especially people close to you think just because you are self employed or you run a business period, that you are rich, you have it together emotionally,spiritually, and financially. I'm here to remind you we are human! Don't let anyone steal your joy and it's ok to ask for help! FINANCES! Where do i begin with that area! You get rejected for the business loan, the bank, fundraisers, the business bank account is low, payroll is due, yearly subscriptions are due, you need supplies, money for marketing and advertising, clients are not paying on time or you don't have any clients at all! What do you do? You keep on pushing! You keep on putting God first , pray and surround yourself with positive people and people who will uplift you and give you knowledge you can't give yourself. You push harder and explore and learn your target market more about your business.

2014 to present has been rough for me and Selections Entertainment. People think i have it together all the time and they don't see the blood sweat and tears but I'm still here and still standing. I'm pouring my testimony out to you to let you know that no matter how it looks, keep on pushing if you still believe in your passion, dream and vision. Even on days when you don't believe, keep on going because God still believes and he wants you to move forward. I cannot stress to you no matter how it looks: If there are no clients, bills are pass due, people are not paying for your services or paying attention to you, when there is 1.00 in the bank account or a negative account, no food, no gas, no transportation, horrible living conditions, negative people, people telling you to give up, KEEP PUSHING! Sometimes God has you hidden for a reason and you are a hidden jewel and he will reveal you at the right time and right place and moment!

I hope this letter lets you know that you are not alone we all are going through it and if you have been through the storm, help another person that is still fighting! Stay strong and i look forward to writing you another letter.

Michelle Ifill
Selections Entertainment

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