Monday, June 13, 2016

What Are Weddings Costing These Days?

The years are flying by! Where does time go? Each year more engagements are happening which leads to more weddings! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Family and friends are getting involved with the wedding planning process. The favorite line that most brides hear is "When I got married 5 or 10 years ago, things were this price or that price". 2016, & 2017 brides remember prices are not the same like they were in 2005 and 2010. Yes you can still save money and get great package deals but always remember to stay updated with the times pertaining to pricing. Here are estimated prices for different categories in the wedding industry. Please be advised these are estimated prices only and they can vary from state to state and depends on the business.

1. Venues- This area can be the most challenging to book. The venue sets the tone of the entire wedding. Venues are available in so many different styles such as hotels, ballrooms, country clubs, golf clubs and many more. Alot of venues have packages which includes the pricing for ceremony, receptions, tables, chairs, catering, rentals, and coordinators. Many brides are choosing the packages to conduct everything at one location for the convience of their guest. Price ranges can start at 2,000 and higher. Remember the more services you book with a venue, the more it will cost but most venues will give you a great deal if you book more than one service.

2. Catering- Catering can make or break a wedding. Different styles of catering consist of buffet style, platted or passed appetizers. Remember when you are setting your budget for catering that you include servers, setup, breakdown, their supplies and rental items such as plates, utensils and glassware. Buffet style is a great economic option for catering. Depending on your food selection such as chicken, beef, or seafood and your guest count catering can start at 2,500 and higher.

3. Rentals & Decor- This area is an area where most brides wait until the last minute to tackle! Linens, florals, vases and many more items can add up quickly. Sometimes brides automatically think of alot of flowers but to cut the budget you can mix floral with candles and other items.   On a average wedding florals can range from 500.00 to 1,000. On bigger budget weddings they can  go all the way to 2,000 or more. Most people also don't have the education on linens. Linens can add up very quickly. The average price of polyester linens start at 12.00 and up per linen. Decor also includes a staff for delivery, setup, and breakdown.

I hope these tips help you with getting an idea of planning your special day! Make sure you are current and up to date on pricing so it's not a surprise to you. Happy planning!

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